Two Summer Arrivals – They Will Make a Difference

Arsenal most important newcomers this summer will not a new centre half nor will it be a rugged no nonsense midfielder.  The most important players in our pre-season will be Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo.

Never in football injuries has a hamstring injury taken so long to  be sorted out.

 When we lost Rosicky we were riding high in the Premier League, he was scoring and creating goals for us.  Tomas gave us attacking options on one flank whilst Hleb did the same on the other flank.  His injury knocked us back, nobody can say how much it hurt us, but with such a small squad it was an injury that we were unable to cope with.

 After much anguish, Tomas is back in full training with the first team, the next few weeks will be important for the Czech playmaker to ensure he has not further setbacks.

 Our other long-term absentee made an emotional return to the first team in February, nearly a season after his horrific leg break.  The return was almost too good to be true; he scored twice, but was soon out with a groin injury.  This was the story of Arsenal’s number 9 comeback.  Plays a game and then is out for tow or three weeks.

 Once again, Eduardo’s injury last season came just as he was finding his feet in the Premier League and scoring.  Coming so soon after Tomas’s injury, Eduardo’s injury was a devastating blow to our title hopes last season.


Eduardo is further down the recovery road than Rosicky, but he needs to take things easy and ensure he returns for pre-season ready and raring to go.

 These are two vital players for our quest for glory.  Rosicky will provide goals and creativity on one flank whilst Eduardo is one of the deadliest strikers in the league.

 The Arsenal medical staff need to work around the clock to ensure that these two players return in July ready for a full season and will not break down every other game. Rosicky and Eduardo will be vital to Arsenal’s 2009/10 campaign, we need both of them.






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  1. Good to see some positivity on a blog. Imagine if all those doom and gloomers actually channelled their frustration into singing at the Emirates – they might just create an atmosphere to rival other clubs.

  2. Yeah, i agree that the return of Eduardo and Rosicky will be vital for Arsenal quest for Silverware next season. But i belief we need a stronger Bench, Wenger should Reinforce his squad by adding a strong finisher the Likes of David Villa or Dzeko.

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