Arsene Turns on the Fans

Last night’s question and answer session was almost like the last chance saloon as far as Wenger and Arsenal supporters are concerned.

 It is not just this season that fans have been begging for experienced internationals to come to the club, this theme has been running through the stands for the last three seasons. Some our performance, not just this season but since we moved to the Emirates have been so far below par that they have not even registered as having been played.

 The fans have justification in not being happy with performances from players who believe that they can turn up, wear the red shirt and we will adore them.  Arsenal fans deserve better and the sooner that players realise the better.  To wear the Arsenal shirt is a privilege, not a right. 

 It is annoying to see Adebayor takes his massive pay increase and then lumber around the pitch as if we should be honoured to see him play.  There is no honour in watching him get caught offside on average five times a game, then hear him say this is part of his game!

 It is annoying to hear all our players trot out stupid statements about scoring at Old Trafford in the Champions League, playing better in the return at the Emirates, then all of them calling for more experienced players, then van Persie calling for everyone to stick together fro next season, when he hasn’t even signed a new contract!

 Arsene must understand that fans are fully justified in venting the anger and frustrations at players both at matches and via the media.  These players are paid good money and Arsene and the board keep promising that they will get better every year, yet we hear this every season and three years on at the Emirates and we are no further down the line of squad rebuilding than when we moved in.

I am sure in private Arsene has his own thoughts on the performances and progress of certain players, but he cannot come out and say that Diaby has not performed well this season or that Eboue is a frustrating  person, this are for discussions with his coaching staff.  Furthermore, when Arsene states that he will only bring in one or two players or that the squad does not need an overhaul, again this is for public consumption.  Privately, and I f funds are available Arsene knows he needs to strengthen the midfield and defence, but to state so n public is like giving the current players a massive thumbs-down.

 I understand that it is Arsene’s duty to protect his players from criticism, from all quarters and in some respects it is hard to have a Q&A session when players are being criticised directly, but Arsene must also accept that the fans are fully justified in making these comments.  Turning on the fans as he has done will create more calls for Arsene to leave or calls that he has lost the plot.

 What Wenger, the players and the board must realise is that without fans there is no club.  For us it is not a job for a few years, for us it is not a means of making millions by selling our shares, for us Arsenal is forever. Players, managers and directors will come and go but the fans will always be there.  Do not take the fans for granted and do not dismiss our thoughts and opinions

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