South American Arrivals?

South America appears to be a favourite destination for Arsenal’s cheque book.  With Brazilian left-back, Pedro Botelho already signed and spending a second season at Salamanca, Arsenal are rumoured to be eyeing up several other South American starts.

 Rumours were aplenty during the winter that we had an agreement to sing Lenny Fernandes Coelho a 20 year old forward from Palmeiras, furthermore another even younger player was rumoured to have been signed, 14 year old Luis Gustavo Conte.  The club made no comment on either of these and we will have no official confirmation either.  It took the club over a year to acknowledge that Pedro Botelho was an Arsenal player.

 Wenger is reportedly ready to spend £1.3 million on 17 year-old Argentinian goalkeeper Damian Martinez and is also ready to sign another 17 year-old, Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Barreto.

 Martinez is due to arrive in London next week and undergo a week’s trial under the watchful eye of Wenger and his coaches.

 Neither player will be seen in Arsenal shirt for some time, unless they possess an EU passport, so news of their progress and even their signings, will have to be monitored through UD Salamanca website.

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