Kroenke and Usmanov Agree – We Need to Spend

Every season the Arsenal board make the same pronouncement, “Arsene Wenger has the money to buy any player he wants.” Every summer we end up selling players to buy players, yet the board insist that Wenger has the money.

 Only last week Hill-Wood stated that the board will back Arsene, yet yesterday when Wenger was being interviewed he said that he does not know what his budget is!  How can the chairman expect the manager to act in the transfer market when the manager is not even sure how much can spend.

 Kroenke, who is the main shareholder at Arsenal is rumoured to have sanctioned a £40 million budget for this summer. Our other major shareholder, Usmanov, has also stated that Arsenal need to spend, pointing out the gulf in the two benches for the Champions League game with Manchester United.

 Arsenal fans have been asking the board what is really going on, are they petrified of spending money in case we get into debt or is it Wenger who is refusing to spend the money.

 I believe that it is the former; the board are too conservative and not prepared to speculate to go to the next level.  They see full-houses at the Emirates, we qualify for Champions League every season and Wenger, his coaches and scouts are always plucking youngsters out of obscurity every season and turning them into stars.  The board is happy to stand still, but they are not listening to the fans. 

 The two major shareholders at the club Kroenke and Usmanov are not prepared to go along with this strategy. These two are determined that Arsenal needs to spend money to keep pace with the other teams at the top.  An interesting power struggle is emerging at the club between the old school and the new proactive members. 

 The board needs to listen to Usmanov and Kroenke, Usmanov needs to be appointed to the board.  We need a board that, whilst it needs to look after the long term financial wellbeing of the club, is prepared to spend money to ensure we are not left further behind in both the Premier League and the Champions League.

The fans are not content with fourth place in the league; we want to be contesting for honours with a team that stands a chance to win something.  The board must release the funds for Wenger to be able to do his job.

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  1. Good post, makes a lot of sense, two billionares on the board who want to spend, bring it on !!

  2. Barry Gunner

    Plz Mr. Wenger buy Yaya Toure or Sahko to bolster our midfield area and buy good cb.

  3. clive gilbert

    please arsenal should spend big to contest with man. u,tired of this same story every end of season.arsenal cannot afford to go another season without winning the league and CL.and you do not win these competitions with boys with heart.every team will improve their team,arsenal should not be an exception.wenger should stop depening on rosiky and eduardo because they are injury prone……………buy players to replace them but they should be retain beause they are quality players.if they stay fit,they are asset to arsenal

  4. So when was totterinham day this season then?

  5. basically you gotta spend. And this totteringham thing illustrates that all the teams are getting better -albeit without any statistical significance whatsoever.

    look at manU. they have 3 strikers and the club doesn’t really care which one plays….they have a massive quality squad. it still causes problems (eg tevez) as great players can’t play all they want to as a consequnece — but from a fans point of view its a nice problem to have.

    money is getting short tho…..

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