Wenger Must Stay – No Brainer

There are many calls for Wenger’s head, and though we are all frustrated with our failings over the last few years, we must also show respect to the great man.

Prior to Wenger’s arrival, we were a dull team, never challenging for anything (the Graham halcyon days were long past us).  Wenger came to the club and revolutionised the place.  From the playing style, the eating habits of the players, the training ground and eventually the new stadium.

We have had success under Wenger, and yes we could have had more, but apart from the 1989-1991 under Graham when have we ever considered ourselves as title contenders.  We are going through a lean period, but unlike the past where silverware was only found on the boardroom dining table, we are still playing great football.

Wenger has a vision of developing the youngsters and this can not be a reason to get rid of him.  Most Arsenal fans show greater affinity to our home-grown players than overseas purchases.  It is for this reason that Gibbs will be a greater reception on Sunday than had he been say Clichy or Sagna.  Arsenal fans want to see the likes of Wilshere, Frimpong, Simpson and Emmanuel-Thomas play in the first team.  One thing is for sure only Wenger will give them the opportunity, look at the number of players that have come through the ranks of Chelsea or Liverpool in the last four years – nil.

The board is 100% correct in trying to get Arsene to extend his contract.  Arsenal’s future is entwined with Wenger’s future.  There will be a time when the great man will leave, but he will only do this when he has set the foundation of a conveyor belt of youngsters coming through the ranks.

 Arsene is no fool.  He will examine the situation and make two or three signings in the summer to improve the squad.  These signings will be special players in the mould of Nasri and Arshavin.

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