The Transfer Debate Starts Now

Headline news, Wenger will not buy anyone in the summer, whilst another newspaper said Kroenke gives Wenger a £40 million war chest.

 The truth is that no manager should reveal his hand in the transfer market in advance, especially when you require your existing players to deliver silverware.  As for the sum of our so called war chest, we have always been rumoured to have had a £40 million war chest, it is Wenger who has never wanted to spend anything.

As for summer transfers, it is obvious to all that we need strengthening in two or three key areas. 

We need to add a quality, world class centre-back.  The Toure / Gallas rift is not good for the team and I expect Gallas to leave in the summer once he is fit.  This leaves Silvestre, Djourou and Nordveit as the players to partner Toure. Silvestre is too slow for top Premiership football, his transfer was a baffling one and one that has cost us dearly this season.  Djourou is a good player, has all the attributes to become a top defender.  The only problem is relying upon him and Toure alone is a recipe for disaster.  Nordveit is young and untested at the top level, his development has not been as fast as Wenger would have liked.  For this reason a top class centre back is the main priority for this summer.  In addition Wenger needs to look for a versatile defender who can provide cover anywhere along the back.

The other area is central midfield.  Denilson does a job, but he does not create enough, he is a latter day David Hillier no more no less.  Diaby can turn into the midfield giant we all crave for, but Wenger’s reluctance to play him in a central midfield role and his inability to stay free from injuries for more than three weeks, leads me to the conclusion that Diaby will always be a bit part player at Arsenal.  Song has developed into a better player than Flamini over the last few weeks.  The question is can he maintain this form over the course of a season.  Again do we wish to go into another season with Fabregas plus lots of hopes and promises or do we invest in the finished article.

As to whether we need another striker depends upon what happens to Adebayor and van Persie.  There are always stories about AC Milan and Adebayor, and to be frank if AC Milan offered us £15 million for Adebayor there wil lbe a queue of fans offering to drive him to Milan. As for van Persie, this all depends upon whether he signs a new contract. The Dutchman has talked about Arsenal matching his ambitions, before he commits to a new contract, the real question is does he meet our standards?  If Wenger was forced into selling these two, then the money should be invested in the finished article that can be either Eto’o or David Villa.

 What Arsene must realise and accept is that without major investment in two or three established players, we will never be a club that challenges for the major honours.  Look at the difference Arshavin has made, an experienced player will brig the younger players on quicker and with less anguish.

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  1. good ideas.i love it.we have good squard we just need to buy three player

  2. you like most gooners are completely blind.

    first of all song is far from as good as flamini, the latter would not only die on the pitch for AFC but he would pop up and score goals when required. knowing him as i do he also gave a sh1t and is a gooner. AW was a comple mug not to offer him a ‘basic’ package at least!

    the second issue i have with your piece is IMO AW is correct Gallas is a much better defender than Toure and it wouldnt surpruise me to see the latter not former leave in the summer. Toure may be young but hes far from a WC centre back.

    3rdly Diaby may look like PV4 but hes far from even a young PV4! hes not good enough.

    What we require is 2 big 27 year old 6.4 CB’s + gareth barry in the middle and thats it.

    AW should also sell some of that young rubbish hes been acquiring that will never make the grade.

    • very true diego, people go on about flamini only interested in money, at the end of the day, he supportedd milan, so its fair enough for him to leave. wenger didnt trust him and give him a new contract earlier and paid the price in the end.

      song is really good, but not as good as flamini was, flamini gave 100% every time he played, and you could tell, he really played for the club whilst he was around, so you have to respect him for that

  3. george rodger

    we should sign Rosiky and Edwardo lol

  4. Excellent article. Unless we buy three experienced, top quality players, next season will be yet another season of “development”. Disagree on VP who I think is immense when he has a run of games, but he needs a real striker to supply. Cesc, Theo, VP and Arshavin, with a new CD, CM and striker could be a serious team!!! Come on Arsene, do the obvious, spend Stan’s 40 mill.

  5. AW will say he is going to buy 3 players but will buy only one he will say judge me in may again another failing season

    and the fans will blame every one except him for buying the likes of the Man U cast off

    we will win nothing again nex season unless the fans start showing their disgust by stop filling the seats nothing will change

  6. i agree with dutch…. and guess what, eboue will still be there next season with the same positional awareness as a rabbit in the headlights, and so will all the 2nd rate players in them AW trusts!

    AW was almost ‘forced’ to buy the russian. and guess what, hes the best player in the EPL.

    the madness just has to stop!

  7. VP is an awesome player if he can stay fit. hes not a point man tho so im not sure where he fits in when the russian plays in his preferred role next season.

    and only the genius domenech (perhaps the worlds worst coach) would play nasri in the same position as AW.

    song on a wing?

    and you wonder why Ade hardly gets a touch the poor fucker gets no support from players playing in unfamiliar positions by the mad ‘next year my kids will win everything’ proffessor….

    sorry arsene. AFC isnt a feeder club for the italians/spanish and if it is you had better replace like for like or FO!

    4 season wo a trophy, 4 seasons with net zero transfer spend (more or less) 4 seasons with £40/50m to spend.

    tell me another manager that has had that purchasing capability and f**ked up so royally….. in arsene we trust???? you would have to be mad or blind!

  8. Song better than Flamimi? I’ll admit that recently he’s had some good games but Flamini was brilliant throughout the entire of last season. Song may get better and turn into a terrific holding midfielder, but we would be repeating the exact same mistakes as last summer if we just hope that these average players become world class.

    As for Diaby, its not the injuries or Wenger’s positional decisions that have been the problem, but the fact that Diaby is mind blowingly inconsitent, he’ll do something amazing and then give the ball away 10 times.

    We don’t need to do anything drastic, just a Solid CB and an already established midfielder partner for Cesc.

  9. wenger always gets lauded for for developing youngsters, but viera henry pires overmars ljunberg cambell gilberto begkamp, almost the whole invincibles were bought in their mid 20’s!!!!! and wat youngsters did we hav….reyes….aladiere,…neva made the grade…only fab vp and toure hav come thru and none of them cud claim 2 b anywhere near the bergkamps or big players of wengers past….i fully support wenger staying…but he is best at buying older do it!!!!!!!!!

  10. £40m? I’d spend it like this:

    Metzelder for £3m. Experience, height, and quality defender. Play him with Gallas and our goalkeepers will be less busy.

    Neven Subotic for £5m. He was voted the best defender in Germany up until Christmas, tall, good passer and dangerous on the set piece, similar to Agger.

    Jeremy Mathieu on a FREE. He is a no nonsense left back that can actually defend and cross.

    Jeremy Toulalan for £23m max. The best French defensive midfielder, tough tackler, tall, great engine and excellent positional play. After Gourcuff and Ribery, he is the first name on the team sheet.

    As for the striker, i have no one to put forward, but thetime for Eduardo is now.

  11. Maybe he should spend the 40 mil on a new physio, when half your players are injured most of the season it doesn’t matter who you buy.

  12. 1. AW is the only manager in the EPL who dare not speak it loud on which player he wishes to bring in his squad before a deal was done.

    2. RVP is the only world ‘best’ player, who cannot make a turn without 3-5 kicks.

    3. ADE is the ‘off-side king’ in the EPL.

    4. Toure is the only CB in the EPL who is not good at header.

    5. Denilson isa ‘figure king’ in the EPL.

    6. Almunia is not a big game player.

    7. Gallas is one of the best CB but he needs to pair up a tall guy with good aerial power.

    8. Song, Narsi, Walcot, Giggs,Eboue, Vela and Bendtner are not consistent enough.

    9. Ashrivin, Ces and Dudu are the most consistent players.

    10. Should AW decide to buy, please turn to English players.

    • I agree with you peter but not in the other way. when you talk about inexperience of song, vela, Eboue and Bendtner i would say that you are right but Narsi is a good attacking midfielder with Fabregas and Arshavin. at the other hand Walcot and Gibbs are fantastic wingers especially Walcot with great speed. he is young and talented but i think two years later Walcot will be C. Ronaldo.

  13. Gunner_4_Life

    I think we need to strengthen up in attack. So what i would propose is sell ade and buy villa. Rumour has it he could be bought for as little as £20m which in his case is very cheap indeed. Another area is the defensive midfielder. I think Song has been outstanding there for most of this season but he has not got all of the qualities of a top quality defensive midfielder. Yet! So we should sign someone like veloso, moutinho or inler. I also think (and many of you may not agree with me) that we should sign flamini back. Defence is a tricky one as for who to get in there but it is well known that we need to improve there. Hmm i think keep gallas and toure at the back but buy richards maybe or a top quality defender.
    Anyone agree with me

  14. to the person who said van persie is good if he gets a run of games. for possibly the past 10 games van persie has played in he has been incredibly poor and seems as if his heart isn’t in it anymore.

    also adebayor needs to stop drifting to the wing, hes not henry and doesn’t have the skill or acceleration to get past people, and since we cross alot more since henry left. theres no one to cross to if adebayor isn’t in the box. also our crossing from our full backs and corners is just so so poor. corners go to the keeper 9/10. clichy and sagna cannot cross to save their life.

    now im going to go play football manager and win arsenal the champions league 🙂 makes me feel better

  15. Good Article, although, Robin Van Persie does not deserve the criticism he is getting. Clutch goals, cool penalty taker, great vision, decent aerial skills. He played the entire season without Ade. He needs some help. With Eduardo back, and the new additions of Arshavin, and the blossoming of Walcott, not to mention Fabregas off the Injury list, he will be surrounded by creativity and be given the opportunites he deserves. Look at his performance against stoke today. Beautiful. Not to mention his talent at free kicks. And people want to sell him? I dont get it at all. Adebayor should go for 25 mill. Buy a Center Back and a defensive midfielder, Arsenal will be top 2 next year.

  16. We scored nearly just as many goals as MANCHESTER UNITED with Ronaldo, Rooney, berbatov, tevez etc. We do not need help in Attack! It is that simple! We need stability and consistency in defense, and a leading defensive midfielder.

  17. if they are goin’ to sale adebayor let wenger replace him with a good player like Tevez or Villa.

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