Out Classed, Out Fought and Out of Another Cup

Last night’s game was a bitter pill to swallow, described by Wenger as his worse defeat, seen by the fans as an abject surrender.  We were promised a different Arsenal from the one that turned up at Old Trafford last week, the fans were up for it, the club spent money on providing flags for everyone, and then the game kicked off.


 For five minutes we felt something special was going to happen, and then United attacked and scored.  Heads dropped and 1-0 soon became 2-0 and with eleven minutes our season had come crashing down.  All our hopes were dashed, reality set in, we were never contenders, merely dreamers.

Manchester United put on a master class performance in how to keep the ball, how to create space, how to battle and how to win.  We were chasing shadows for most of the game.

 The United front three were constantly running into space, tracking back harassing our defenders, whilst van Persie, Adebayor and Walcott were statues by comparison.  Park and Rooney were all over the place, whilst Adebayor and van Persie played like strangers. In central midfield Ferguson played three players who competed for everything; they completely overran our midfield, Song tried his best, but one player against three is no contest. Fabregas never got out of first gear.  Nasri competed but you can never win a game when only one player out of five attacking players puts in any effort.

 At the back Sagna did well, but his crossing was lamentable.  It is pointless having players in the middle if you have players who cannot get the ball more than five feet off the ground.  Djourou and Toure did well, but as they were only marking Ronaldo, he should never have been allowed the time and space he was given.  I feel sorry for Gibbs; it was an unfortunate slip which drained all the confidence out of him.  Going forward Gibbs is our best full-back.

  On the evidence of our three semi-final appearances this season we are long way behind Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. It is no surprise though as we have been slowly edging towards this position for four seasons now.  Success for Arsenal used to be runners-up in the league and a FA Cup win every other year.  Now our standards have dropped whereby a fourth place and any semi-final appearance are deemed a successful season.

  Arsenal fans want success on the pitch and at the moment we are not achieving this.  It is time for the board to tell Wenger that he needs to deliver a trophy next season; in turn the board needs to make available £40 million for the manager to bring in the players to achieve success.

 Fourth place in the Premiership is not success.

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  1. The most disappointed aspect of last night is that our team gave up, after going 2 nil down. Man U. would not have thrown in the towel if they were in the same situation (as demonstrated by their 5 – 2 win over Spurs).

    They would have attacked and attacked until the final whistle.

    It’s not just about bringing in new players, the team dynamic is all wrong!

    We need a balanced team that can attack and defend in equal measure, but more importantly we need a team that has the mental spirit and desire to reverse our gentle decline over these last few years.

    As a good first step, I would suggest we bring in a defensive coach to teach us the dark art of defending again. Perhaps, a Tony Adams or George Graham, might be interested?

    AW also needs to revise his tactics as trying to pass the opposition to death is not going to win trophies.

  2. I am glad we are out if we continue with this direction we will get nothing more than 4th

    4th is now Arsenal 1st

    wenger dont need to spend new money he just need to spend back the money he got for


    and the others he have not spent a dollar in fact he has made a profit on theses sales for the club

    Wenger is the problem

    Fab should go where there is ambition

  3. kalema francis

    silly indeed arsen wenger should know that his substitutes are mutch far from the first choice he should get expertriats to advise him otherwise his just entertaining from uganda in africa we are disappointed from africa and oure castormers in cinemas good luck 2010 again

  4. Is it me or our blogers are having a field day with denounciation of ARSENE/ARSENAL? I’m one of those who would take a step back and remember what this manager has achieved spending peanuts. In these days of credit crunch its sobering to remember Leeds United attempt to jump the order. Clubs like Manure did’nt get therer by fluke and spending is best if done consistently. They can afford to buy a 30m so so striker like Berbatov which we can not with our 380m mill around our neck.

    We cant really challenge at the top with striker like Adebayor whose first touch knocks a ball further than you and I go for holidays. And let us be honest about Theo Walcott, he is more of a sprinter than a dribbler. I noted that Bendtner was more effective when he came on. And we also have to realise that few people like Diaby are donkeys that will never become horses.

    Regardless of the fact that we were thouroughly trounced, I still love and proud of our boys. You did well but did’nt quite come to the measure of our opposition.

  5. Wenger is planning for the next 100 years’ good health for the club. He have saved A LOT of money and promotes evolution for the game. But knowing a little Feng Shui myself, Emirates Stadium’s location spot is what the orientals call ‘A blockage for Qi (energy)’ That really explains the extreme arse luck we’ve been having on the injury front. Next season does bring much excitement, can’t wait to watch some Arsharvin-Rosicky-Fabregas-Eduardo combo moves.

  6. Lets face it, walcott aint a regular

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