Will Kroenke Buy Arsenal This Summer?

Stan Kroenke has increased his stake to become the biggest single shareholder in Arsenal Football Club. Kroenke increased his stake in the club to 28.3 per cent by buying 4,839 shares from members of the Carr family, including fellow director Richard Carr

Kroenke has come a long way since acquiring a 9.9% stake in the club which resulted in David Dein being sacked from the board.  We then had the acrimonious and vitriolic statements of our chairman, Peter Hill-Wood. Then the eventual climb-down and invitation from the board for Kroenke to become a board member.

Now Stan Kroenke is in pole position to mount a bid for the club.  He sits just below the 29.9% threshold.  The bid for the club will come sooner rather later and be accompanied by the board’s recommendation to the shareholders accept the bid.

Both recent acquisitions, this one from Richard Carr and the previous from Danny Fiszman, were approved by the board.  Someone at board level would have asked Kroenke, off the record, what his intentions and it is clear that he is looking to acquire the club.

It is no coincidence that Kroenke has become a pivotal figure at the club since the arrival of our new Chief Executive Office, Ivan Gazidis. Both men know each other through their involvement at the MLS.  Gazidis has been very supportive of Kroenke and if the American was to acquire the club, no doubt he would rely upon Gazidis to undertake the day to day running of the club.

The person holding the key to the ownership of Arsenal is Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith who was ignominiously sacked by the Hill-Wood-Fizsman axis on the board.  If Lady Nina believes that Kroenke will keep Hill-Wood in situ then her allegiance will be towards Usmanov.  If she sees a Kroenke buy-out a way of ridding the club of the Hill-Woods, then she will sell to the American.

The future of our club now rests with bitter lady who currently resides in Delhi.

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