Will Rosicky Play For Arsenal Again?

Last week amongst all the Arshavin news, Arsene Wenger announced that we will not be seeing Rosicky in an Arsenal shirt this season.

This is very sad and disappointing news for all Arsenal fans.  Rosicky joined us as a replacement for Pires who was a goal scoring and goal-creating midfielder. Our first glimpse of Tomas was as a Czech player when he scored a cracking goal in the World Cup finals.

Rosicky was and hopefully still is a great midfielder, he provided us with goals and creativity just as Robert Pires did.  Then an innocuous challenge and injury against Newcastle saw him come off with a hamstring.  But this was no ordinary hamstring; a tendon was torn inside the hamstring. 

 The medical staff indicated September return; this gave optimism for Wenger who do not recruit a replacement.  September became October, then February.  He returned in March with a view to playing for the reserves in April and giving Arsene the option to play him in May.  This has now gone by the wayside.

 Rosicky needs to spend the summer months with the Arsenal physio and fitness team, they need to work tirelessly to get him ready for pre-season.  The medical team needs to be in a position to deliver him to Arsene in July, failing that Arsenal need to face the truth that Tomas may never play football again.  If this is the case then Arsenal need to recruit a replacement and not fall into the same trap that we did last summer.  Rosicky’s injury reminds me of another overseas player that came to Arsenal in the 1980s and was a revelation, Siggi Jonsson who spent nearly three years at Highbury before retiring injured.  I hope the same fete does not await Tomas.

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  1. we bought a replacement, arshavin

    • northbanklegend

      We need four good quality wide players. I hope Rosicky makes a come back, otherwise we should look at Babel.

  2. Tomas is one of the best midfielders in the world. And him being unable to show his talent for Arsenal and the C. Republic is a shame. If Tomas was fit all last season as well as this I believe we’d have won the title last term and be winning it this term as well as be in a more comfortable CL position. Imagine a player of his skill level mixing it up with Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin and Van Persie. The results would be immense! I will pray for Tomas to come back to the Arsenal fit and better than ever. He’s one of my favorite Arsenal players and for him to leave the Emirates forcefully-due to injury-would be a tragic loss. He’s much too good a man and player to have this fate bestowed upon him. I want to see Rosicky play with the rest of the lads for a few more years. Get well TR7. With you, we can be more than great.


  4. I loved him as a player.
    one of my favourites It would be a shame for the Arsenal and for him as a person to have him stop his carreer at this young age.
    Give him a post in the youth education I would say. With his knowledge and his kills and technique he could learn the youth something.
    D*mned if it would be the end for Thomas

  5. I pray for him to get back into his feet soonest,so that he could give us the tricks and stuffs he his made up,i hope he’s back better and stronger this time….

  6. he is a top top player that can hold his own in any team in the world.i do sincerely hope recover and wear his no.7 shirt again……………………………he will certainly pay back to arsenal for the patience they have show to him

  7. man it hurts alot to see that such talent may never be used but the good lord will bless him with a recovery.

  8. (Thomas is best midfielder in whole world) is a quite lesser term for him. Not Arsenal as well as all of his fan,s including me on top of these two,s gazing up of his Retun. I ‘ve dreamed that oneday i will woke up and see a phrase. ” Rosickey is Back ” on top of the media line. Surely be one of the happiest day of my and both other communities life.

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