Which Striker Suites 4-3-2-1

Our current formation has left Arsene with a conundrum.  He can slot four of his attacking midfielders, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott and Fabregas into the 4-2-3-1 formation, but then he has a problem with his strikers. 

 Playing with a sole striker seems to be Arsene’s preferred method at the moment.  The question is which striker to play and what to do with the others.  

 The striker that brings in the midfielders into the game the most under this system is Bendtner. He will run for the team, come deep, pull out wide, and almost do anything.  He controls the ball well and is always looking to lay the ball off to one of the four attacking midfielders.  Bendtner is the ideal player for this formation, except for one vital part; scoring goals.  With Bendtner, you never have the confidence that he will score goals.  His confidence is so low in terms of scoring that he is always looking to pass the ball to someone else, or even to stay outside of the area instead of being in the middle looking for the ball.

 If Adebayor plays as the lone striker, here is more potency and threat from him.  He is a striker who believes in his own ability, he is not afraid to shoot and you know he will score goals.  The negative aspect with Adebayor is his work-rate.  He will not run all over the place, he will linger in offside positions and frustrate the fans.  He does not link up well with the midfield, so there is no continuation in any move involving him.

 Van Persie is a player who could be ideally suited to playing the lone striker.  He has the best ball control of all three strikers.  He can create things individually through his twisting and turning, something neither Adebayor nor Bendtner are capable of doing.  As for bringing other players into the game his whole game is suited to that type of game.  If there is a negative aspect to van Persie’s game it is he will drop too deep and he does not have the discipline required of a lone striker.

 This is Wenger’s dilemma if he persists with this new formation; he has three strikers with different attributes, but none of them the ideal lone striker.

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  1. very good points, i think bendtner is the best choice for sure.Adebayor is far too lazy on and off the ball.Consistently offside but with the most superior shooting ability i think he’s second choice.Van persie is talented on the ball for sure and isn’t ofside alot but his shooting ability is lacking of late,perhaps better suited to an attacking midfielder role?

  2. In terms of natural divine talent for scoring, Eduardo tops my list. And he’s no 1 trick pony either, his IQ for link up plays is up there as well.

  3. I don’t blame you for not considering him as there is no confirmed news of his whereabouts or what his injury status is, but in the formation you’re describing I believe Eduardo is Arsene’s best option for lone striker. He is the best finisher in the squad at the moment even if he has only played a couple of games. Van persie is fantastic and he will be missed both for his assists and his goal scoring, but head to head Eduardo needs far fewer opportunities to score and he’s much more comfortable and hence dangerous in the box than Van Persie is.

    Rumours are that he could be available for wednesday night that would be brilliant as he’d be an unkown quantity.

    I would like to Vela or bendtner played on the left, Man utd have very limited options defending on that side so either of those players would be great for harrassing the defence on that side and helping cover gibbs.

  4. Arsene can play a lone striker but still incorporate another strike. Imagine if Edouardo plays left, RPV as support strike, Adebayor leading and then having either AA23 or Walcott at right midfield.
    And you know that leaves out Vela, Nasri and Diaby

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