Walcott An Englishman Playing At Arsenal

Theo Walcott joined us on the back of much hype and controversy.  Arsenal were prepared to pay in the region of £16 million (eventually he cost £9 million because we paid earlier than agreed).  Arsenal beat Liverpool and Chelsea for the youngster’s signature something that still riles Benitez.

 His progress was slow at Arsenal; he was restricted to a series of substitute appearances, and not scoring until the Carling Cup final, a fact that had the media laying the blame at Arsene’s doorstep.

 Last season was another stop-start campaign, but he broke his league scoring duck at Birmingham. 

 We were all wondering when we will ever see the full potential of the young Englishman.  Then after a game for England in which he scored a hat-trick, he found the self belief in his own abilities.  He started to take defenders on, turning them one way then another.  He was running at players, more direct and was not afraid to shoot.  Just as we were licking our lips at seeing Walcott in full throttle for a whole season, he was injured whilst on England duty.

 Three long months later, Theo returned to the fold. 

 He scored on his first four outings and had no qualms or reservations at attacking defenders.  Theo in full flow is a sight to see, unless you are a defender.  His pace will take him past defenders either inside or on the outside.  His is not a player that likes stepovers, he is direct.

 What Theo needs to learn to do is hold the ball sometimes rather send in cross after cross.  With Arsenal playing with one striker, his crosses often bypass the main striker.  He needs to wait for more support before crossing.  Theo needs to work on a better delivery, but this will come with time and games. Once he can work on a final ball he will turn into a great player.

 Theo is the future of Arsenal football club, he might not be the biggest of players, but he has speed and an eye for goal.  The club must do everything in June or July to make him sign a new contract.

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  1. The problem is that he might not sign. I believe that should we fail to reach the CL final, Adebayor, Cesc, Theo and RCP might move on and Arsene will be building a new team next season.

  2. Wrong. It is the striker’s responsbility to find himself in a position to be on the end of the cross from a winger. Holding up the ball after you’ve left your defender in the dust means you give him and the 3 other defense and CM time to come back to cover any other attackers and attacking options. At this point in time you’re playing hot potato around their 18 yard box and trying to break through the body cluster they’ve formed in front of the goal. Does he over hit his crosses some times? Yes. That’s a very valid argument about his distribution but asking him to hold up the ball and slow down the game is just going to lead to 20 passes with no goal. Instead he should work on cutting into the middle more if in fact he’s short on supporting bodies. Drifting into the middle every so often can give him a better shot on goal than hugging the touchline. He can take a page from Arshavin against Blackburn and learn to tip toe along the goal line if he needs to and move himself closer to the goal.

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