A Wasted Season for Vela

There has been a lot of hope and anticipation around Carlos Vela.  He had a good pre-season tour, so we expected to see what the Mexican can do in the Premier League.  With Nasri, Fabregas, Walcott and Vela linking up I expected to see many a defence cut to shreds.

 Unfortunately Vela was never given the opportunity in the league.  His appearances were restricted to a few substitute appearances, often when we were chasing a game and out wide, a position that Wenger insisted was not Vela’s natural role!

 The only time The Mexican was given a start as a striker was in the Carling Cup.  He did well, but was not rewarded with a league start. 

 It was ages before Arsene started him in the league and then it was a wide player.  Vela is not a winger; he does not have the trickery or turn of pace to rip a full-back to pieces.  All too often Vela’s moves were predictable and easily thwarted by the opposing defenders.

Vela’s preferred position is the number two striker, running at the defenders.  We have not seen him perform in this position.

 It must be very frustrating for Vela to have spent two seasons in Spain playing in either the Primera or Segundo Liga and then having to sit on the bench for a whole season at Arsenal.  He must question why he did not go out on loan in January to say Wigan Athletic or Hull City.  A loan spell would have been beneficial for both Vela and Arsenal, it is questionable how much he has learnt or improved sitting on the bench every week.

 With the return of Eduardo and the addition of Arshavin, Vela has moved further down the pecking order at Arsenal.  No doubt he is a great talent, but he is into getting the opportunity to show it or develop.  If Arsene keeps all his main strikers for next season – Adebayor, van Persie, Eduardo and Bendtner, then the best thing for Vela is to go out on loan to a team that will give him game most weeks.

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  1. i disagree with your article. vela does have the trickery and pace to beat full backs. he made mince meat of ramos last year in the primera. and sorry to say i disagree that this season is wasted. maybe overall he could have learnt more on loan, but imagine if we loaned him and then had major striker shortages like we are currently facing now. wenger always bleeds new players in slowly especially the first year. we have seen what this kid can do and he is a world class prospect. im sure next year he will get more and more chances. at least wenger has had a whole year to view him in games and training and if the proffessor thinks a loan next year is beneficial then it will happen.

    • northbanklegend

      When we had a shortage of players he tended to play Diaby behind the striker. I believe in Vela, I hope he gets a chance in the last few games of the season

  2. you know nothing.

  3. hes learning about the premiership, wenger doesn’t just throw players in who aren’t ready, and this is proven due to his lackluster performances when he has played majority of the time. missed alot of easy shots, but is a master at chipping

  4. Well i wouldn’t totally agree,but i do know he is a very disappointed young man.That’s why i fault wenger’s style quite often, one would expect that after he had those fantastic carling cup games he would be given some starts in the league,NOPE. Experiences like that affects a players confidence when finally called up on much later. Wenger must learn to play form players,not regulars,because i remember at a particular point in the season,Vela deserved some starts.

  5. Like most faithfuls, away fans (on our way to London from liverpool) laughed about your article! You are just an idiot! Vela contributes and Wenger Knows!! You wouldnt brought it up if we worn last night… We didnt “miss” Rvp and Ade by the way!

    • northbanklegend

      Last night’s result is completely irrelevant to the fact that Vela has been underused this season even when we were light on strikers. He is still at the start of the learning curve and I believe a loan spell this season would have benefitted him.

  6. Vela is still extremely young and although Arsenal are known to give youth more of a chance, consider our frontline of RVP 25, Manu 25, Eddie 26 (?), Nicky 21 and that’s relatively young but there’s some experience in there as well. If Vela stays on he’ll get his chance to shine – it took RVP about 3-4 years to get where he is at Arsenal and now he can pretty much walk into any starting 11 in the world. Vela has to be patient otherwise he may end up like David Bentley being sucktastic at Spurs.

  7. Of course vela should have been on loan, preferably still in spain, in that way his development wouldn’t have been frozen like it was this season. Look at Traore, much improved playing match after match.

  8. Vela looks a natural wing forward to me, much like Walcott. These two will probably never be able to play as a centre forward due to their short stature but that isn’t neccesarily a problem.

    I think Wenger is trying to protect Vela from the media much like he did with Walcott. I think personally Vela is at a more advanced stage than Walcott right now but being younger he needs to be slowly introduced. Wenger is the master at blooding in younsters so i’m sure he knows what he is doing.

    As for your comments about Vela’s lack of trickery and pace, I think you are well mis-informed. Vela has more tricks up his sleeve than Walcott and enough turn of pace to accelerate quicker than Sergio Ramos which is no mean feat. I would like to see how fast Vela is compared to Walcott, i can’t imagine there being much of a difference.

    But having said that he does look a little light weight still so may well need to strengthen up in the summer..

  9. Gunner in banjul

    In everything in life, time is important. If you look at the whole squad you will see the steady way players graduate into the senior team. Bendther is an example of that…he too was out on loan sometime ago don’t forget. Walcot did not also get into the first team just like that. it took time before Wenger introduced him. So, Vela’s season has not been a waste. Mere watching his teammates play week after week is enough learning curve. Am sure Wenger knows what he’s doing. Take the case of Song as an example…at the beginning of this season, nobody gave Song any chance of success but today the story is different. Its all a question of time. Lets see what Wenger has up his sleeves by next season.

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