Song the Key to Success

At the start of the season Alex Song was regarded as a last resort for the central midfield berth.  He had not shown much over the last few seasons to change people’s opinions.  In fact when he did play this season there was more frustration than elation over his performances.

The good displays were few a far between, but when Alex played well, then he stood out.  In the games against Liverpool and Tottenham away, Song turned into some commanding displays, but there was no consistency.

 Over the last six or seven games, Song has been the commanding figure in central midfield.  He has grown into a role that even Arsene Wenger doubted he was able to play.  He is a strong player, has plenty of energy and harries the opposition.  His partnership with Fabregas against Villarreal was the ideal pairing.  Alex run everywhere, protected the defence and gave simple passes to Cesc, Theo and Samir so that they go and do the damage to the opposition.

 He had managed to move ahead of both Denilson and Diaby in the view of most fans as the ideal partner for Cesc.  Clearly this was not the case as far as Arsene was concerned, he decided to drop Song to the bench and played both Diaby and Denilson.  What Song had been able to do on his own, these two both failed to do against Chelsea.

 To stand a chance against Manchester United in the Champions League, Alex Song needs to play, if that is alongside Cesc in an orthodox 4-4-2 formation or part of a holding pair in a 4-2-3-1, it does not matter so long as he plays.

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  1. I don`t think Wenger played Diaby and Denilson because he rates them above Song , he explained in the Arsenal website that Song has played many full games lately and he needed a rest , managers know better than us when a player needs a rest, the same with Sir A;ex Ferguson, he rested Rooney and Ronaldo not because he thinks Marcheda and Welbech are better but simply because they needed a rest before crucial games in the Premier League and the Champions League.
    I was surprised not to see Arshavin starting the game, as he didn`t need a rest , maybe Wenger was afraid that Essien, Ballack and Lampard will be too strong for the diminutive Arshavin.
    Anyway, I hope 2 or 3 injured players will be back for the Champions League game , if I was Wenger I would rest Adebayor and/or van Persie for the Liverpool game , as we can afford to lose or draw that game and still have an advance on Aston Villa , but we NEED our strong players fit for the Man U game !!!
    Come on Gunners !

  2. i have noticed some good performancesx from song aswell, but is he good enough?

    i would still like miguel veloso, i have heard he has been transfer listed so we could get him on the cheap.

  3. yes i agree totally, Song must play. Although diaby did have a poor game on saturday it was due to the poor state of the pitch. Due to his long legs it was almost impossible for his feet to adjust quickly to inconsistent rythm of the ball. Denilson on the other hand was VERY POOR, wasting possesion, poor tackling, poor recovery, and was slow in thought (he honestly should never play again).

  4. Yes song is the key we really missed him on saturday.

  5. “Commanding figure”??? Don’t make me laugh!

    Alex Song is average at best and will never be a great at Arsenal. Dreadful footballer and we deserve better. Denilson and Diaby aren’t much better, Wenger needs to get the f*** out there and sign us a quality CM, not these bulls**t, bargain bucket players, I’m getting sick of seeing my once beautiful club saturated with such mediocrity!!!

    • Dan,yes i agree with you that song is an average player,but totally disagree with you that,he can never be a great player in has being one of our major key player of recent,we all have seen how he has being improving in every game he plays now,he’s full of confindent,determination,strength,stamina an so on…i might even say that we lost our chelsea game due to his absence in the team,he’s better of than denilson,or lazy diaby who parade himself as the new patrick vieria,song will totally become a great player in this club,just watch and see what he’s going to do against man u in the CL…

  6. spot on. although i dont do think wenger sees him ahead of denilson and diaby now. its just he has been playing a huge amount of football recently and therefore needed a rest

  7. The semi final was not the time to rest Song.We are highly unlikely to rise above fourth so the points against Liverpool are for pride only. We now have only one shot at silverware.

  8. i understand song is tired but of all the games to rest him why rest him in such an important game when t he following game is not that important at all? wenger is fantastic, but that was shocking from him, really awful.

  9. and also how many here watch sporting really regularly?

    i doubt if anyone does, so all this talk of veloso is probably entirely unqualified

  10. Song is a good player who have improved his games recently,i preferred him in the midfield than seeing diaby nor denilson,he’s a player who’s more offensive minded than the other two players,surely wenger should use denilson and diaby against boro and rest song this weekend and use him against Man u. Wenger should stop giving excuses and explain to us why arshavin and song were not used during the FA cup final.

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