Three Vital Games For Our Season

No matter what Wenger says about taking each game as it comes, he will have one eye on Saturday’s FA Cup semi final with Chelsea when he makes his selection tonight.  He knows we have two bites at the cherry in terms of trophies and the Liverpool game will prove how close we are to challenging for the title next season. Wenger’s selection tonight will not be over cautious as he knows we cannot defend for 90 minutes.  We are in a glorious position to qualify for the semi-final and Wenger only knows one way to play andthat is attack. It will not be a gun-ho approach as we have a fairly new defence and Song and Denilson will be required to shield the defence.  If we get to the semi-final, Wenger will not fear either Poto or Manchester United, though I would be happier with Porto than Man Utd.

As soon as the final whistle is blown tonight, all our eyes and attention will move to Wembley and Chelsea.  Chelsea have been leaking goals recently but they have also scored quite a few.  I fancy our chances against Chelsea as we will have players who have been rested and ready to come inot the semi-final clash, whislt the Chelsea team will be much the same players that faced Liverpool.

The final game against Liverpool is the one I dread.  It will come off the back of two difficult cup games, whilst Liverpool will have rested for a week.  Liverpool only have the title to play for.

How we fare against Chelsea and Liverpool will be dependent upon tonight’s game.  A good result and progress and the team go into Saturday’s encounter with confidence.  Fail tonight and everything could come tumbling down like a pack of cards.   Seasons can turn in a couple of games and we are at the crossroads, it will either be a happy seven days or we will be once more analysing where it all went wrong and the usual suspects will be asking whether Arsenal can meet their personal ambitions. The chief protagonists Fabregas and Adebayor have been talking up our chances of silverware, now it is time for them to deliver the goods.

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