Petrov – Arsenal can be Caught

First it was Agbonlahor who started mouthing off as to Aston Villa beating Arsenal to 4th place in the league. He pointed out to the series of games we had and said we will drop points and Villa will consolidate their 4th place.


He was right we did drop points against Everton, Tottenham, Sunderland, West Ham and Fulham.  This was a bad period for us, but not as bad as the period that followed for Villa,  They lost to Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester United as well as drawing at home to Stoke City.  They through a potential 8 point lead into a 6 point deficit and their goal difference as plummeted.


Now it’s the turn of Petrov to start crowing.  He claims that Arsenal will collapse like Villa purely because we face Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.  He ignores the fact that we have a squad and team to match any of those three and we are merely 6 points away from Chelsea.  He also fails to look at their next few games against Everton, Bolton and West Ham. 


In fact Everton are 1 point behind Villa and if they beat them on Saturday it will be Everton pushing us for a Champions League spot not Villa.


Maybe the Villa players should focus on securing points first before they start bleating about Champions League spots.

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