Tottenham’s April Fool’s Joke

Unnoticed by many Spurs announced plans for a new stadium on April fools day.  The date chosen was appropriate for a club that wants to be taken seriously but every announcement about the stadium leaves everyone rolling around in laughter.


David Levy proudly announced to the world that they want a stadium with 58,000 seats (down from 60,000 that was announced in November), then came the piece de resistance, they will have a 150 room hotel and a public square.  So the “Northumberland” development involves a hotel in Tottenham; Tottenham does not appear on any tourist maps as a must stay place, in fact even people in Tottenham do not wish to stay in Tottenham.  How Levy thinks he is going to fill this hotel in a god forsaken place like Tottenham is a mystery to everyone.  The final piece of the redevelopment is a “public square”! This is basically a paved area near the stadium, so there is little imagination there.


Finally Levy talked about financing; Spurs need £300 million, banks are reluctant to lend, yet Levy thinks he will raise the funds.  When Arsenal went to the market, we struggled to find the money and this despite the fact that we had Highbury to develop into luxury flats in a sort after area of London.  Spurs are located in a flea-infested region with zero redevelopment value for their ground, yet Levy thinks money will not be an issue.


This was certainly a great April Fool’s Joke missed by the media.

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