Fabregas is Back

Fabregas is back.  After a 19 game absence our captain and inspiration is back.  In his time away we have not lost a game, but we have hit several lows in the league without him, a series of 0-0 draws brought the wrath of the fans down on the players. Without our leader we have reached the FA Cup semi-final, just as he said we would and we have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League.


So what is all the fuss about?


We have been pedestrian to say the least in his absence.  Cesc will give us the impetus to go forward; he will create from the centre where in his absence there has been a void of creativity.  His mere presence will lift the players around him.


His link-up with Arshavin is vital for the domestic season.  They are both players who look at moving the ball forward at the first opportunity; they are always looking for the ball into space behind the defence.


Fabregas will bring more steel into our midfield; he is a feisty guy who hates to lose.  Missing out last season on the league would have hurt him, so being so close to two pieces of silverware this season will be the perfect spur for our captain.


What we really need from Fabregas this season are goals.  Last season he was knocking them in for fun, whilst this season he has been frightened to shoot. As we have all stated, shooting from outside the box gives the opposition something else to worry about, they cannot just filter back into the area and pick off the passes.    


Now Fabregas is back we can move up a gear in a final push for honours.


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  1. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Cesc’s return is Arshavin’s work ethic. I don’t think anyone can say Arshavin hasn’t run his legs off in every game he’s played and that sort of diligence can play into Cesc’s favour to give him more time and space to work his magic. I think our left side can be great with Adebaoyor and Arshavin both being work horses exchanging passes, with Clichy rampaging the left flank (though he’d be twice the player he is now if he could cross better). Dare I say this is almost a return of the Henry/Pires/Cole era? Though the former generation was far more talented and synced I don’t see why a similar, if arguably inferior, combination cannot dominate the league again.

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