Time to Become a Legend – Diaby

This season was set up for Diaby to partner Fabregas in central midfield and show everyone finally that he is the player we have been looking for.


Wenger has played Diaby behind the striker or on the wing, but central midfield is the place for him. When he has played in central midfield, he has been strong and he uses his upper body strength to shield the ball. Diaby is not short of pace and is not scared of shooting when the opportunity arises. He has very good close ball control and his passing has been improving.


Diaby and Arsenal have been unfortunate once more, in that Abou has suffered a series of small injuries. This has resulted in another stop start season. Some of his displays have been below par; this is because Wenger has not settled on whom he plays in midfield, resulting in Song, Diaby, and Denilson all rotating.


In his last two-three games, we have seen a different Diaby, a Diaby who is confident, who creates chances and threatens every time he comes forward. When he has lost the ball, he is quick to try to win the ball back, something that was missing earlier in the season.


Due to his size, Diaby has always been compared to Vieira, what people do not realise is that Vieira joined us when he was 21.whilst Diaby is only 22. Diaby is slowly developing into a “Vieira” type player.


There are similarities [with Vieira],” said Wenger after the Newcastle United game. “They are the same stature and the same size and have the similar style. Also Patrick is from Senegal and Abou is from Ivory Coast. But there is a lot of room for him to get where Patrick was. He is only 22 years-old and Patrick is a good role model for him.

“In the second half he did well. Abou has power coming through the middle of the park and he showed that on the goal.

“That is interesting for me. I feel there are similarities with Vieira and I feel he is growing at the moment.”

Diaby is the perfect foil for Fabregas; they are both attack-minded players, with Diaby able to carry the ball forward, whilst Fabregas will spray the balls around the pitch. Let us hope Diaby can remain free on injuries and become a true Arsenal legend.




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  1. chronic babbler

    it’s still pretty awkward down the middle for me.some call it a healthy headache but a stable first choice centre midfield duo is a standard. but we don’t question arsene’s standards do we..
    i have full faith in his ideas for evolution on the game, and is not surprised to see alex song expressing his sublime side which all the globe didn’t believe is possible.. what’s new really.we’re not here for early whining birds slashings but here’s a good time to scorn at the dimmer portion of goonertown.

    ok yes i’d prefer song sticking to lone DM from now, and diaby goes up as shadow striker for eduardo. denilson takes care of messes right down the middle circle. and fabregas? 35 million pounds from any scavenger on standby.
    don’t you worry one bit, ramsey is tailor made from heaven to replace him. it is also proven that fabregas can be a big plus but not really a big minus to the squad’s growing rhythm. high hopes for rambo to rule the show. its coming.
    but he must queue up for denilson’s rest break.

    now a new DM to cover alex song would bring thick solidness. lets use 5 million from fab’s sale. preferably a water carrier with flair. or the possessed looking ball winner coquelin could get a low profile promotion to first team.

    damnn its crowded here… enjoy it before the plaque of arseluck injuries creep back via the fortunes wheel. its our time now.

    many of our vicious and biased critics with however peculiar view of game know it inside, once arsenal goes starts its 1st choice engine, it’ll be a highway steam roller.

  2. chronic babbler

    sorry the main man is diaby here.. he is quite a sight with sleek turns out of trouble and occasional nack for silent explosive finishings. the lil’ chopin chip pass for van persie’s everton leveller showed how much his vanilla leg has eased up. outstanding talent but still minimal room for improvement in decision making. like the clumsy timing of dribbles or reckless gambling attitude in many of his simple passes gone astray.
    also..vieira’s mastery of the ‘combo flicks over bewildered hopping heads’ is unlikely to be emulated or even attempted by diaby.
    but i do wish to see him incorporated as second striker. replacing not vieira… but kanu’s role – unorthodox yet unpredictable dribblings which work when least expected, sometimes followed by yes.. silent explosives finishings.

    of cos he has time. wasted a lot of time for ankle break from some sunderland bozo. we hold the record for most tactical ankle breaks ..and now leading the ‘woodwork bullseye’ chart by six. all is good. full of contentment, full of subsiding arse luck 🙂

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