Pearce Is Biased Against Arsenal

Stuart Pearce, England under-21 manager is a hypocrite and Arsenal hater. A strong statement, but one that is justified. Earlier this season Pearce justified not picking Wilshere, who was only 16, by stating that he needs to be playing first team football and if that means leaving Arsenal to go on loan. Well excuse me Mr Pearce, what have you achieved in club management to tell Wenger what he needs to do with his players? He held up Mancienne as a perfect example who was on loan at Wolves.

What has really irked me is his under-21 selection this weekend. Mancienne is no longer on loan at Wolves, he rarely appears for Chelsea, but is an automatic choice from Pearce. Clearly not playing regularly is not an issue for him.

Also in the squad is Fazier Campbell, on loan at Tottenham and not even getting onto the bench, but this too is not a problem for Pearce.

Our only representative is Kierran Gibbs, who is only worthy of a substitute appearance, despite playing more games since December that quite a lot of the squad.

Pearce had even stated, in the past, that Theo would have benefitted with a loan spell.

Pearce has since stated that he wants Walcott to be available for the under-21 championships this summer. To be honest this is the last thing Walcott needs especially as he is recovery from injury after injury.

I may be paranoid, but Pearce is just one more person who criticises Arsenal because we have a large overseas contingent of players

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  1. there’s no way walcott should be playing for the U21s – just like rooney didn’t after he cracked the senior team and owen before him. it just doesn’t make sense. if that nob head bentley got one thing right in his career it was to turn pearce down for the U21s. walcott will do the same thing – probably get loads of stick for it as well. unlike the likes of carragher and scholes who refuse to play for the senior squad no problem.

  2. This is all a little bit random. I for one do not believe there is any conspiracy against Arsenal. What, do you think they all meet at night in abandoned buildings, wearing hooded cloaks?!

    The truth is no one cares about us enough to bother, same as any other individual team. Do you really believe Pearce hates Arsenal so much that he would be willing to sacrifice a better team selection just to piss Arsenal fans, staff and players off? Thats ridiculous. Pearce wants to succeed, if he thought he had a better chance of doing so with Jack in the side then he would include him.

    • northbanklegend

      When Pearce says that players need to be playing regularly, and now he picks players languishing in the reserves, he is either a hypocrit or he has something against Arsenal

  3. I do believe that there is a worldwide (alright, at least the whole of England) conspiracy against Arsenal, but I don’t feel that Pearce is one of them. Perhaps a little bit limited in his football knowledge, but not a genuine Arsenal hater. It’s the newspapers, pundits and referees you should be focussing on.

  4. Well said soulrebel – more importantly though, who cares if there is a conspiracy? I’d glady have none of the arsenal team picked by any of the international managers. Boring 2 week gaps like this where our players get borrowed and injured are just a pain in the arse.

  5. I reckon this is quite true. Stuart Pearce has made it very clear that he cares about English managers, English players and sticking it to the foreigners. Now thats all great but to be honest, I just want to watch football…the beautiful way. If someone asked me if I wanted pearce as manager or player or assistant at Arsenal in any way, I would say stick it! Take this from me….I love watching the foregners of Arsenal and / or manU or Chelsea or LPool rather than that overhyped rabble that will not win a raffle, even if they had every ticket!

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