Milan Look at Arsenal Pair

With little football at the moment, newspapers and websites like to delve into the realms of transfer rumours. It is no surprise that Arsenal are at the forefront of these speculations with AC Milan “rumoured” to be preparing two summer bids, one for Clichy and the other for Adebayor. One player who will not be wearing the colours of rossonieri is Senderos who will be sent back from his loan spell.


It was also revealed that Arsenal turned down a £17m bid for Clichy in January from moneybags Manchester City.


Clichy did the normal, I am flattered by the interest, but I have a contract at Arsenal. I have been very critical of Clichy this season and believe that Arsenal’s long-term left back is not Clichy. Unfortunately, our two possible replacements are too young. Traore is undergoing an apprenticeship as a left-winger. Kierran Gibbs is great going forward, but needs more work in how to defend against quality. I believe that in the long run he can become a top left back. Wenger knows that neither Gibbs nor Traore are ready to step up to become our permanent left back. Clichy is young enough for Wenger to realise that this will not be the last time that the big Italians or Spanish teams will come knocking at the door enquiring about our left back.


Adebayor is a different kettle of fish. Milan were close to signing him, but with the uncertainties over van Persie’s fitness, Eduardo out injured and Bendtner and Vela being novices, it was natural that Arsenal would not sell Adebayor.


Things have moved on since the summer, Adebayor is not playing with the same enthusiasm; van Persie and Eduardo are fit and scoring whilst Bendtner has shown good form of late. Wenger might be tempted; or rather, he should jump at it, should anyone offer anywhere near £20m. Adebayor’s behaviour recently has not helped, despite being injured for club, he is prepared to fly to Africa and represent Togo. This has not gone down well with Wenger, and could be the final straw as far as Wenger is concerned.


It would not be a disaster if Wenger sold Adebayor and invested the money in a real goalscorer, whilst Clcihy still has a job to do for us for two more seasons. 



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  1. Would love someone to get Ade off our hands with a good juicy pay on top. Tell AC Milan to naff off that way they will come back with a bigger offer. How lovely would it be to get a £20m for that twitt?

  2. gibbs is top class

    i agree with you, he’s not ready but i like him.

  3. nice, really nice!

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