Hill-Wood Not Happy with Fabregas

Once more unto the breach Hill-Wood has ventured, but this should be the last time we allow him to comment on matters outside of the boardroom (which he has made a complete mess of anyway).   

This time it is Fabregas’ clothes and his entry onto the pitch that have riled our old Etonian chairman.  Our chairman of a bygone era was not impressed with Fabregas’ jeans and jacket entry onto the pitch.

“I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with those pictures that appeared (Fabregas confronting the Hull City substitutes). We ought to look at that. And I don’t think it is a good idea for players who have not been involved in the game to go on the pitch at the end”.

Hill-Wood who is more used to seeing players in suits and ties and neat haircuts has alluded to reviewing Arsenal’s dress code.  “It is certainly something we ought to look at.”

This is just a series of pronouncements from our chairman, a man who carries no power at Arsenal, a man who sold his shares to David Dein and though he was clever.  Hill-Wood is guaranteed to upset all of our players with stupid statements about pay and contracts when he has never been involved.  Every time a player is due to renegotiate a contract, Hill-Wood thinks he has a right to throw in a useless and unhelpful comment and state that if they don’t like the offer they can leave. The reason we have a Chief Executive is to deal with these matters not for our old gin swigging chairman.

Now he wants to interfere with club discipline and appearance.  That is the responsibility of the manager.  If Wenger wants to the boys to wear suits, he will tell them that is how they should appear.  Wenger is happy to allow the players to wear the clothes that makes them feel comfortable; if that is not good enough for Hill-Wood he can look away.  

It is about time that someone told Hill-Wood that one more outburst like this and he will be sacked from the board.




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  1. My comment on fabrigas need a lot of punishement but because of God and the love that i have on the player and probaly the performer of the player in the team make us happy, even the time that is on injury i look so sad for the serious injury but we thank God that every thing as gone now.

    Please, how mercy on the player it will not reply in self again

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