Spittagate Fever Shows Brown A Liar

Phil Brown complained about everything on Tuesday as the reason why Hull City were knocked out of the cup and accepted no blame for his tactics or his players inability to perform as the real reason.

Brown blamed Wenger for getting Myhill booked as the turning point.  Brown needs to look at why Myhill was booked; the fact is that Hull had a free kick about ten yards in their half.  A defender was going to take the kick, but Myhill sauntered up to take it and then played around as to where he should place the ball.  This was after an hour of wasting time at every goal kick which on average took over 30 seconds from the time he picked the ball up, to the time he kicked the ball.  Having been booked in taking his time, Myhill then trots back to his area to allow someone else to take the free kick!

Brown then has the audacity to question what Fabregas was doing on the pitch at the end of the game and even questioned what he was wearing.  This comes from a man who so craves publicity that he wears an ear piece to show his a techno manager, spends as much time under the sun bed as he does coaching, decided to ridicule his players by having a half-time team talk on the pitch and even joins in the warm up before games with his players.

Brown then accuses Wenger of not shaking his hand in September and snubbing him on Tuesday night.  What a fool he must look now, every national paper has pictures of Wenger and Brown shaking hands on September.  Whilst on Tuesday night, Brown was so determine to confront the referee that he was on the pitch as soon as the final whistle blew, not waiting to shake Arsene’s hand.  

Brown then backs his assistant in some stupid allegation that Fabregas spat at Horton.  First of all this was alleged to have taken place on the pitch, and then the Hull mobsters changed the location to the tunnel.  Brown then says he saw Fabregas spit at Horton, but he then says he is not sure if he hit him!  The story now is that maybe Fabregas did not actually spit at Horton, but imitated the actions of spitting! 

There is no mention of the half-time tirade of abuse directed at Wenger by Horton, and Wenger being the gentleman never even alluded to anything happening.

Brown is aggrieved at the result, but he is trying to turn this into a vendetta against Arsenal.  This is because Brown learnt his trade under another dinosaur and destroyer of football Sam Allardyce.  Brown has been proven to be a liar and the sooner he shuts up and gets on with relegating Hull City the better.


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  1. It’s a pity really, I was liking Brown’s style of management. Then he turned around and started acting a fool. Oh well, sour grapes. Of course Fab would be happy, and coming onto the pitch to celebrate with the lads is his act of joy. Why? Because when he returns to fitness, he will not only have the opportunity to win one of his first pieces of silverware as a Gunner, but to do it as team captain nonetheless.

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