Eboue from Villain to Hero?

Many thousands of words have been written, most in anger at Eboue. The fans frustrations reached boiling point and at the Wigan game this season Eboue was booed by the virtually the entire crowd. The Ivorian defender / midfielder left the pitch in tears and his teammates rallied around him.


Eboue has come back repeatedly, frustrated fans and manager with his Jekyll and Hide performances. He can make great runs, and then his final pass is terrible. Another low was reached when he was sent off against Tottenham for two petulant acts.


Realising that Wenger will play Eboue regardless of who is available; the fans have taken to gallows humour, and when Eboue appears, they sing to the away fans, “You Only Come to See Eboue.” This is similar to the chants that used to ring out from the North Bank about Gus Caesar. Nobody knows if Eboue realises this is a sarcastic chant or not, but with the return of Walcott and the acquisition of Arshavin, Eboue has stepped his game up a level.


When Eboue scored Arsenal’s third against Burnley, as well as celebrating, the fans had to laugh that our favourite villain had scored.  Saturday he went one better, scoring from close range followed by a dance that only Eboue can carry off, and then when we had a penalty, he grabbed the ball, which had Wenger looking on none too pleased. Eboue scored and then fans once more had to celebrate and laugh.


Eboue will persist and probably Wenger will offer him a new contract, but he will never win the fans over. Part of the problem is that he is not a midfielder. Once we have Walcott, Nasri, Arshavin, and Rosicky available, Wenger will not be forgiven for picking him ahead of any of those, nor will it be right to stunt the development of Merida and Wilshere by choosing Eboue. Eboue needs to be used cover for Sagna and that is all.


He can score as many goals as he wishes, create as many dances as he pleases, Eboue is not the future of Arsenal.



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  1. how can you declare that just because u prefer certain players regardless of what Ebue does. I am ashamed of u

    • northbanklegend

      Eboue is the laziest player I have seen at Arsenal. He adds very little to the squad, other than give the fans a laugh. They are other players who are talented and I do not wish to see their development hindered by a player who will fit in atthe likes of Middlesbrough.

  2. Nice article. Lets face it Eboue ain’t gonna suddenly change into Henry because of a couple of decent performances. And i know its sounds like a crap thing to say but for Eboue its simply gone too far, all the diving, the dancing (sigh) and the terrible games he’s played mean that he will never be liked or respected by the fans, as player or person.

  3. God damn it!

    Eboue done mistakes, everyone does. Period. For god sake he have the guts to come back and score 3 fucking goals in as many games + he is naturally a RB!

  4. how can you say hes lazy he might not be the most talented player but he has qaulities that a lot of players lack these days he has grit and dertermination and has a real passion from the club.
    He has shown real character lately after being booed off by disgraceful fans and no player deserves to be treated like that he has been trying so hard to please the fans and deserves a lot more respect then what has been given to him

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