Shoot Nasri Shoot

What has happened to Nasri? When he joined he was skipping past defenders, weaving his way through opposition and more importantly, he would shoot. As soon as he saw the goal, it would be bang shot after shot.


He scored on his debut, and against Manchester   United he shot twice and scored, he was not fearful of missing, he had confidence in his own ability and in his own shooting.  It is vital in a team that goals can come from the midfielders, also it is important that plays have the ability and accuracy to shoot from outside the box, this is something we lack at Arsenal, and some thing Nasri gave us.


In recent weeks Nasri has started to hesitate about shooting, he is starting to look for the pass; he is falling into the Hlebesque trait of passing even if you are two yards from the goal. In recent games he has had opportunities to shoot, but has instead looked to cut back and find another player. You will never score unless you take a chance and shoot, the shot can take a deflection, or the keeper can palm the ball out to one of your players.


Maybe it is a factor of having been our sole creative player since Fabregas got injured that has made Nasri think twice before shooting, he thinks he needs to be more responsible and look for players with a better opportunity to score. It could be that the initial furore of joining Arsenal has worn off and being a young player, he is experiencing a dip in form.


Whatever it is Nasri needs to rediscover his early season form and start to terrorise defences with his runs and split defences open with his passing. Nasri needs to have believe in his shooting once more. With the addition of Arshavin and the return of Walcott, Arsene will start to rest Nasri more, but he must also realise that when he returns he needs to produce the goods on the pitch. The return of Fabregas will help Samir as they work well in together; however, no player has a right to a first team place. Rosicky is not far away and if Nasri does not come good, he could find himself on the bench for many games.


We need Nasri to be more confident and shoot when the opportunity arises, Nasri will be a great player for Arsenal for years to come, and I hope that he will rediscover his shooting boots very soon.


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  1. I completely agree with your assessment. As much as I love to watch Arsenal’s fluid style of play, the bottom line is to score goals. The less shots on goal the less chances of scoring, it’s as simple as that. It would be nice to see our players have a bit of fun every now and then and take shots when they think they see an opportunity. It would be a nice balance to the passing game we seemingly to hang on to at the expense of scoring goals sometimes.

  2. Never mind northbanklegend! As you said, its because he had to take the creative mantle when Fabregas got injured. In fact we need more creative forces. Asharvin is a brilliant supplier who is nmot shy of shooting. Remember the pass to Vela during the game against Burnley? Or that absence of Hleb lead to goals from Ade dried.

    I need to praise Clichy.He was going around telling his colleagues to come on during the dying minutes of the game and chasing all balls including a surge forward. He did me proud yesterday that lad. Talk about shared leadership.

    • northbanklegend

      I have been a critic of Clichy, and long term I prefer Gibbs, but he played very well last night, still not sure whe nhe goes forward though, often runs into blind alleys and loses the ball

  3. nasri is the best performer for arsenal this season.. so stop moaning!

  4. It’s something that Arsenal players seem to get drilled in their heads that they cannot score unless they make the perfect play. I think one big problem with being too much a part of Wenger’s system is simply that you’re not rebellious. I’d love for us to shoot more from outside the 18 because I sincerely believe that it would yield more rewards if we did. I don’t know Arsenal’s training methods or their team talks but I hope Le Boss encourages them to be more epxressive in their football than be a pass, pass, pass clone.

  5. well i see what u are saying, but u may never know what Mr. Wenger say to his players. I on the other really hate it when we don’t take a shot from far to draw the defenders out which i think will make the other teams think twice of sitting back n defend, what a game go Gunner….

  6. Every1 knows he stopped shooting but skipping defenders ablity isn’t gone yet.he fu**s defenders in every match as he did against roma in both legs.
    Nasri play your way.
    You see him doing well in every match.he’s scored 6 goals so far for arsenal this year and last year he scored 6 in the full campaign for marseille so please…

  7. Jack Staniforth

    The penalty area used to be called `the red zone` and was an invitation for the defence to close ranks, it was also the area that invited strikers to have a go. There is no hard a fast rule about shooting for goal just because you`re in the `red zone` let`s just say it`s 80% of the strikers code.
    I`ve seen some tremendous shots this season from just outside the box, unfortunately they didn`t come from Arsenal.
    The return of Fabregas should encourage the Gunners to live a little more dangerously, but it will take a few weeks and that`s all we have left.

  8. nasri is not much of a shooter, his record at his previous club is hardly better than hlebs at arsenals. i’m not really into nasri at the moment, hes too indirect for me, prefers to turn inside and make sideways passes or pass to clichy (who can’t cross at all) than pass it through th middle to pentrate the defence

  9. Reece, I sort of agree with you, but I think he passes to clichy solely because he is not confident with his left peg. And for that reason, he would naturally not want to beat a full back to the byline. This brings me to my point, Nasri is bloody twice as effective on the RIGHT!! The times he’s been switched there, he’s combined well with sagna as well as take on fullbacks one on one…Believe me play him on the RIGHT WING wenger!!!

  10. Nasri will come good. This is his first season in England and he is learning to express himself as well as adapt to Wengerball. Let him be. He will shoot, pass, and play his way no matter who says what to the lad. He’s one of the best young talents to come out of France. He’s a new genertaion player. He will become a huge force for Arsenal in the years to come. Well done Samir…your doing great.

  11. he hesitates because of the fans. He is afraid that if he misses the fans might turn on him so he passes it like a hot potato.

  12. stop the booing it wont help. just digs us deeper and deeper into sh*t

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