Bassong Pleads To Join Arsenal – Please No

What is it with French players and Newcastle? First, we had Charles N’Zogbia pleading, begging to come to Arsenal, in reality he was an average player who never set he world on fire at Newcastle. There was no way Wenger was going to spend money on an ordinary squad player.


Now we have a new player trying to flee the northeast and reach the French enclave of Arsenal in north London. The man in question is Sebastien Bassong.


Bassong joined Newcastle from Lille in the summer for £1.5m. It is now reported that Wenger is prepared to spend £10m in the summer to bring him to the Emirates. Bassong is like Kalou, a good player who has not ripped up any tress this season. He has not broken into the France national squad.


 “My agent told me about Arsenal’s interest and it would be a lie if I said Arsenal are not a club I’m interested in,” Bassong stated.

Is he any better than Djourou, is he a better prospect than Nordveit or even Senderos, who will be returning in the summer? Wenger can put £10m to better use this summer than spending it on an average centre back.   


This is a case of another player trying to get a new deal at his club and using Arsenal to get a salary increase. He is currently on £5,000 a week and is looking for a pay increase.


Bassong stay at Newcastle, this club does not want or need you.

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  1. Well in Bassong’s defense he’s better than Senderos, not as tall as Djourou but holds of defenders better if you ask me. I don’t see where he fits though. He’s not big or tall but fairly quick. He’s like a Toure, but we already have a Toure. If Wenger was to go for a Newcastle player I’d expect Taylor since he’s like a poor man’s Vidic and someone we could use to complement Gallas’ passive style of defending. In truth 10M is alot for a young player whose had 1 season with a terrible team. He may be one of their best players but when your team is as bad as Newcastle has been that doesn’t say very much. I’d much rather see someone actually worth 10M now come in rather than someone who might be worth 10M in some distant unknown future. I’m still campaigning for Jeremy toulalan, Lorik Cana or Jeremy Clement for CM and Michel Bastos for more midfield creativity, though I’d love us to break the bank for Ribery since he seems to be on the move in the summer.

  2. Bassong? No its enough with Song and I’m afraid he is not as good as one might want a strong defender to be. Its ages ago since we had a proper central defender. I hope that Wenger can get guts to buy a young Russian among those Zenith’s bunch of defenders then alongside that buy Lorik Cana to protect the defence. With them any creativity upfront would do. The usual problem is that forwards and midfielders are busy defending but with Lorik Cana all would be well.

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