Adebayor to Leave – Do We Care?

When Adebayor joined Arsenal, he was languishing on the Monaco bench. His first year or so at Arsenal did not inspire many fans, he was not the best of finishers, and his first touch was haphazard.


Last season, everything clicked into place, everything he touched turned to gold, he scored goal after goal, even surprising Wenger. Last summer we had will go or will he stay saga. The fans were bored of it and we were just waiting for the bid from AC Milan or Barcelona to come.  Wenger kept Adebayor on and gave him a new contract with a new £80,000 a week wage.


This season we have seen the Adebayor of two years ago, finishing terrible, first touch to heavy and a lack of effort. We have seen stupid quotes for Adebayor, like we must finish teams off, when he is one of the main culprits in missing glaring chances, he then talks about not scoring another goal as long as Arsenal win trophies and now we have the rubbish that he might still leave.


 Adebayor must realise that he will not be guaranteed a first team start especially with van Persie and Eduardo both fit and scoring. This must be a worrying for the big man and must be a factor in why he is making noises once again.


If Adebayor thinks he has outgrown Arsenal, then I am sure Wenger will listen to all offers in the region of £15m. Wenger has seen enough in van Persie and Eduardo to know that they are genuine strikers. This summer will see a scramble for the signature of David Villa, we need to be able to sell Adebayor early to Barcelona and offer Valencia £20m to secure his signature.


Adebayor can become a great striker, but he must realise where he is and what he must do to achieve greatness. Greatness comes with hard work and keeping your mouth shut, once you have achieved something then shout it aloud for the world to hear.

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  1. I dont really mind losing him. We could even use the money to bring in someone better like David Villa.

  2. Adebayor to leave? What’s your source?

    Hasn’t everyone learned by now that this kind of sniping based on fragmented performances during an incomplete season is in itself half-baked.

    It seems that as each week passes a different player is targeted. Of course it is far easier to write a negative blog than actually displaying a deep knowledge of the game by writing something constructive.

    Maybe “once you have achieved something” yourself then I might just listen to what you’re shouting “aloud for the world to hear”.

    Until then, try taking your own advice to Adebayor.

  3. You guyz have failed to realised that adebayo can’t play well without fabregas. The reason being that , Ade likes to hide behind defenders, and only fabregas has got the accuracy and timing to find him with the ball. Take note, no matter how long ade tries to hide in a game, Fabregas always look for him with loads of balls. Ade need plenty of chances to score goals. When fabregas get back to full fitness then expect to see more of Ade.

  4. This column’s a dud: why create issues that don’t exist. Here’s looking forward to seeing Adebayor come back against Blackburn – doing very well & increasing team morale further!!

  5. i whole heartedly agree with this, too many players think they are great before they achieve anything. you just have to look at david bentley claiming he could replace becks

  6. Don’t really care either way. If he scored 20 goals once he can do it again. Whether he wants to do it in an Arsenal shirt or not is the issue. He’s not the only striker who can do it and if someone wants to pony up 15M+ for him. be my guest. I’d much rather have the money to fund a top class central mid or Huntelaar from Madrid if indeed he is unsettled there. At least I know Huntelaar has a consistent scoring record and not just one season of steam.

  7. I agree with the above. It’s obvious that he can score 20+ goals a season. He’s more than halfway there already despite being injured and he’s not even playing that well. Originally, I would’ve said that he adds a dimension to our team, but lately, seeing Vela/Dudu or Dudu/RVP I feel if we lost him, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

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