No More Sell-Outs at the Emirates

Sunday’s FA Cup match was a sign of what we could see at the Emirates next season empty seats. Despite Burnley taking 6,000 instead of the normal Premier League 3.000, Arsenal were unable to sell out the Emirates, with 3,000 seats left unsold.


Some may say, this was an FA Cup tie against a Championship side, but that defies the club’s logic that there are 20,000 Silver members on the season ticket waiting list and that there are thousands of Red members just waiting to buy tickets.  Sunday proved otherwise.


Sunday was the first time that season ticket holders were able to opt out of attending the match. Many did, and the club was unable to sell those seats. The barometer for whether a game will sell out is the seats in the upper tier behind the goal where the away fans sit, these seats cost £46, and there were whole sections on Sunday empty.


Saturday’s game against Blackburn Rover has gone on general sale, I do not think any other Premier League game has gone on general sale at the Emirates. The club has eight days to sell the tickets for the Hull City game, unless Hull bring down 9,000 fans, this game will attract no more than 55,000 fans.


We are seeing the first signs of fans picking which games they wish to see, these are the first signs of the credit crunch hitting Arsenal. Fans are telling the club that we might love Arsenal, but we are not prepared to pay £46 to watch sub-standard football.  The fans have been taken for granted by Arsenal, now they are voting with their feet and staying at home.


Unless we wish to play at a stadium with swathes of empty seats the club need to provide Wenger with money to buy players that will make us competitive in the title race and they need to re-asses the pricing policy.


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  1. £46 a ticket! give me a break!!! i think with the looming credit crisis, we are bound to see more match days like this… Arsenal’s irregular play has hardly to do with the fact that the Emirates stadium is not sold out every weekend. with Wenger being the highest payed manager in the EPL, i think he had better take a wage cut if he still wants Arsenal to be competitive if money is not going to be coming in via ticket sales.

  2. end of afc….. just a wimpy board full of bank managers and mr wenger the man who lives in the past.

    hill wood and the board will be remembered for their cheapness and haggling over every penny

    wenger wont be remembered

    yawn…. no wonder the attendances are falling rapidly……..

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