Ticket Prices Frozen!

The club announced last week that ticket prices will be frozen for next season.  This is welcome news for all fans, but could the club have done more?


Everton and Newcastle have both announced 10% reduction in prices. Arsenal did not even contemplate this option, Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis, even indicated that with such a long season ticket waiting list, the club could have increased the prices for next season.


The Club is working on a theory,that says, if there are 20,000 fans on the Silver membership level, they all want or are all prepared to buy a season ticket. With the worldwide economic crisis due to continue through to 2010, coupled with a very indifferent season, the club will get a nasty shock next season. At least half a dozen games will not sell out. You only need to look around the Emirates to see so many empty seats; these are people who, whilst they have bought their season ticket this season, will think twice about doing so next season.


One of the biggest gripes with fans is the leap in ticket prices for Category A games. Category A games are reserved for those against Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and surprisingly, West Ham. Tickets for these games are on average £20 more expensive than other games, this is a disgrace and should be looked at for next season.


Season ticket holders have been punished this season for buying their tickets early.  The season ticket price included VAT at 17½%, half-way through the season the government changed the VAT rate to 15%.  Though this is not the club’s fault, the season ticket holder has been penalised.  There will be sting in the tail for season ticket holders next season; season tickets include 7 cup credits, these have now been used, meaning that the  FA Cup tie against Burnley and possibly Hull City plus any further Champions League ties, will be added to next season’s season ticket price.  This is equal to £130 extra for lower tier and on average £200 for upper tier, if we progress to the semi final for the Champions League, so season ticket holders beware.


The club could have made a bigger gesture for next season, by reducing prices and removing the Category A games. Furthermore, if for whatever reason, we fail to qualify for the Champions League, the club needs to re-assess the pricing policy for the Europa Cup and whether these games should be included as part of the season ticket prices for next season.  

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