Is 4th Place Good Enough?

Football is a funny old game, as one famous footballer once said (more than once). Sunday afternoon at 4.40pm we were facing football disaster, Aston Villa were cruising to a 2-0 win over Stoke and with that an 8-point lead over us. A small glimmer of hope emerged as Villa collapsed Devon Loch style and drew with Stoke City.   We were not out of the woods yet, we had to beat WBA to put pressure on Villa.


We did that, no surprises there, West Brom. are defensively a shambles, but a job still had to be done. Aston Villa then travelled to Man City last night and the nerves were getting to Villa as they lost for the first time in league away from home since November. The lead is now three points and our next two games are both before Villa play theirs, so the pressure will be on Villa so long as we win our games.

Finishing 4th is essential for the development and future of our club. It means Champions League football, with that comes money and the ability to attract top players to the club. Players and fans will greet qualifying for Champions League football as success this season. However, another 4th place finish, our 3rd in four seasons is merely papering over the cracks, the gaping cracks that exist at our club. Not all that long ago we finished 1st or 2nd every season, Wenger was smug enough to say that finishing 3rd or 4th is not qualifying for Champions League, how times have changed.


We do not need to sell the likes of Bendtner, Song or Denilson, just realise these are still young players  and playing week in week out in the Premier League will inevitably lead to loss of form. These players should be able to come in for others and play (including substitute appearances) in say 20 league games a season.  These are our squad players, the equivalent of Park, Fletcher, and O’Shea, not first team regulars.


A fourth place finish is acceptable in the short term, but the board must realise that 4th place is the minimum a club like Arsenal should be aiming for. Funds need to be made available, and I mean real funds, not just hollow statements from the board stating that Arsene can have any player he wishes, when in reality he has been told he can only spend what he raises in transfer sales.


We need to change tactics and bring in players that will ensure that we challenge for the title, players that will bring in silverware. One injury to our main player, Fabregas has exposed the dearth of talent and creativity at the club. The addition of Arshavin is a move in the right direction, but we cannot afford to go through another summer and not strengthen our squad with quality players. 


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  1. Spot on again nothbanklegend,
    How many times will you keep telling them things they dont seem to understand. I liked that of “hollow promises” in which Arsene is said to be able to get any player he wants when the reality is that he can buy what the equivalent in transfer has brought in. All these info about profit doing nothing to improve our team’s perfomance is making me physically sick.

    While the media and supporters go on about Wenger spending like its his money was always taken with a pinch of salt as far as I am concerned. Who in his right mind who make do with Song if you have a way of getting a quality and better player? Yes the Stadium loan is eating deep in the club finances but ignoring to invest in the team is tantamount to not feeding the cow that produce the milk and subsequent money generated by the sale of milk. I am hearing a lot of moaning and outright anger among supporters who say the season ticket cost an arm and leg and the very least they expect is entertainment. Lest we forget, losses and draws to minnows is not one of them.

  2. Good comment
    Though i do feel we are only a few players short of a great squad
    We need to add the following
    Defender world class
    Holding midfielder (Veloso)
    World class striker (Villa)

    I would sell ABE TO go towards this

  3. Arsenal will be top club again, very soon. But problems can be faced by every one. 4 years with out a trophy is much, but take away the CL from Liverpool and they would be in a much worse situation.
    Its true that 4th place may be good enough this season, but looking at our current squad, if all stay in the Summer, we will have a really strong team and could easily win the league. I have faith, so should every gooner.

    • northbanklegend

      The consensus is that we are lacking a central midfielder who will play alongside Cesc, plus a more reliable striker

  4. i dont think that 4th is thinkable 4 clube like arsenal wenga should stop the gamble and simply focus on the game he has gambled with the team for 4 yrs and our last lig win was also a gamble imagine player like vp is rested when we are lossing the champions league spot to villa
    u know what if hes tired he can go for the past for yrs came up with his foudation thing it isnot helping y dint he change plan to help the team he went with his plan for four yrs today we are at the mersy of villa is it bsurpose to be so?

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