Silvestre – A Defensive Disaster

Eboue is the player Arsenal fans love to hate, but little has been mentioned of one of our summer signings, the experienced France defender Mikael Silvestre.

The story is that he was at Manchester City undergoing a medical when Arsene called him, and offered him a two year contract at the Emirates. At the time Silvestre was injured and he had spent the best part of the last two years injured, Arsene wanted to sign him.

This was a strange signing, Wenger normally looks at selling players once they hit 30, this was one of the reasons Pires left, yet he was prepared to offer Silvestre a two-year contract. Some fans welcomed the signing, as he would bring some experience to the squad, but for some of us die-hard Arsenal fans, Silvestre was tainted with the United brush, he was one of Ferguson acolytes, he was a United disciple, how could we cheer him on?

Silvestre explained, that despite having spent most of his career as a left-back at Old Trafford, he will play at the centre of the defence, so Senderos was dispatched to AC Milan and Silvestre was our saviour!

Silvestre’s record at Arsenal has been a complete disaster. His one highlight was scoring against Tottenham, but on the defensive front it does not look good. Silvestre has played in 16 games and we have kept 5 clean sheets, whilst we have conceded 22 goals with Silvestre at our heart. When Silvestre has been missing, in the remaining 27 games we have kept 15 clean sheets and conceded 12 goals. Silvestre has been involved in 5 out of our 7 defeats this season in all competitions.

Whilst statistics can be made to say anything, the facts speak for themselves, Silvestre needs to be kept away from our first team and then sold or given a free transfer in the summer.

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  1. This is the worst player assassination I have ever come across. Football is a team game and it requires every single player on the pitch to do their part! How about strikers who failed to score ? This post is CRAB!!

    • northbanklegend

      Have you seen what a a player he is? Why would Fegie get rid of him, a liability. He was injured for most of the last two seasons, what did United win in the last two seasons?

  2. Rosicky is also injured most of his time at Arsenal. Did Mr. Arsene Wenger get rid of him? Fergie could have demanded a transfer fee but didn’t becos he is appreciated for being a true proffessional. Iti s managers like Wenger and Fergie who knows how to appreciate people for who they are and not what they are.

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