Goodbye Champions League – Arsenal 0-0 Fulham

The match started with anticipation that today was going to be the day we turned our season around, Wenger had chosen Nasri, Arshavin and Vela to play behind van Persie, whilst Diaby was fit to play.  Everton had just closed the gap on us to one point.  Surely we would put Fulham to the sword.


The game started with flowing football and chances created, but then we descended into our normal shot shy Arsenal.  When opportunities presented themselves to shoot, we hesitated, when we were able to cross the ball, we passed it, why should we shoot when that might lead to a goal?


As the first half went on, we regressed into our shell, no shots, no pressure and of course no goals.  Wenger spent an eternity on his feet trying to cajole the players into life, but all to no avail.


The second half came and as much as we tried, it was the same story.  A failure to take our chances, the few that we created.  Were we really interested in taking three points and trying to qualify for the Champions League?  From the way we played, the players do not seem to care.  No longer do we press the opposition, no longer do we create any chances, we have taken passing football to a new level, and we pass the ball to death.  Nobody takes players on any more, our strikers are totally ineffectual.


The game ended with the fans venting their frustration by booing the players off the pitch, they in turn trudged off with their heads hung in shame. 


We have now drawn four games 0-0, in a row; many fans are now experiencing what the fag-end of the Graham era was like and they do not like it. 


We now trail Aston Villa by 5 points, whilst Everton are breathing down our necks.  We are not even assured of 5th place. 


If some players at the end of the season wish to leave, because “Arsenal will not meet their ambitions,” let them!  These are the same players that got us into this mess with displays that are not worthy of Wengerball.


We are struggling to qualify for the Champions League, our best hope for any salvation is to win the FA Cup and hope we can progress as far as possible in the Champions League.  Our football at the moment is a disgrace and the fans are being cheated by overpaid prima donnas.     

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  1. what game were you watching ? the only fast flowing football at the start was from Fulham. They had us on the ropes and thank god were as useless in front of goal as us.Many people are saying it is not nice to boo at the end, but we only have 2 recources to show our anger . Booing and not turning up. If we do the latter it wil be more than 30 million quid we lose next year. I think AW must look at 3 quality signings this summer

    • northbanklegend

      I agree we were terrible.

      WE did make some good moves, Arshavin creating space, crossing to van Persie, then we went to our normal type.

      The booing was needed to show the players we are not happy, theere are moans all over the ground, things cannot carry on as they are.

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