Adebayor Out – Huntelaar In ?

After Adebayor’s statements yesterday where he claimed that Arsenal winning trophies is more important than him scoring goals, has been greeted today by reports that Arsenal are prepared to sell Adebayor.


What does not make sense is that Barcelona are still interested in him despite having had a poor season and the price quoted is £20m. Guardiola is not a complete idiot, he will never offer £20m for Adebayor especially after they spent £13m on Hleb who has not settled in at the Nou Camp. We have a record of selling Barcelona our players at inflated prices, only for their careers to go backwards once they arrive in the Catalan capital.


Clearly if any team offered Arsenal anywhere near £20m, Wenger and Gazidis will bite their hand off, especially if Bendtner comes out of cloud cuckoo land and starts to perform on the pitch.


The papers have gone mad in linking us with Huntelaar. He only joined Real Madrid in January for £17m, but already the stories doing the rounds is that he will leave in the summer.  Joining Real Madrid is like a lottery, you never know who will be in charge when you arrive or how many managers the club will go through by the end of the season.


Will Wenger go for Huntelaar? If he sells Adebayor in the summer, he might decide that he needs another striker, but is Huntelaar the man. A great scoring record in the Eerdivisie does not ensure instant Premiership success, look at Kezman, Samaras, and Kuyt, none set the Premier League alight with the scoring records.  Wenger will know the moment he picks up the phone to Real, they will start asking about Cesc, van Persie and the last thing we need is for whole Real Madrid circus to dominate our summer transfer dealings.


Knowing Wenger, he will look at his current squad, allow Adebayor to leave for a good price and play either Nasri or Arshavin in a more advance role.  Alternatively, he will pluck a young striker like Gomis from St. Etienne.


Whilst selling Adebayor is a no brainer this summer, Huntelaar arriving to replace him is non-starter.


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  1. If we were to cash in £20m from selling Adebayor, my wettest dream would be for Wenger to go for Benzema. But I am afraid that £20m would not be enough.

  2. i don’t think we really need a replacement if we sell him.

    rvp, eduardo, arshavin, bendtner, vela, walcott can all play there. or as yu suggest we could use a midfielder like nasri or rosicky in a more advanced role. fine by me! no need to waste money when we don’t really have any reason to buy. if we don’t make the cl that could basically cover the costs.

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