2009/10 Away Kit – Green

Rumours are hitting cyber space, and once a rumour is repeated on two sources, it becomes fact, that Arsenal’s new away kit for next season will be green.


Traditionally Arsenal have worn a yellow away top, though in recent years with the advent of marketing (ripping the fans off) we have expanded beyond the tradition. We have had blue kits (1994/95, 1995/96, 2002/03, 2004/05), a gold top (2001/02) and a white one (2007/08). The recent trend has been to make the current away kit into the following year’s 3rd kit (which we rarely use).


From 1969/70 until 1993/94 our away kit  has been predominantly green except for the 1982/83 season, when someone in the marketing department had a brainstorm and decided on a green shirt with blue sleeves. This was a shock to our system back then and would be a shock again, but fans being fans they will flock to the Arsenal stores and buy them in the thousands, only to realise we will wear it for one season.

Next Season's Away Kit

Next Season's Away Kit

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  1. na wa oh! which kian green kit be that? Dem done turn to the Nigerian National team???

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  3. nice… i like it it looks quite nice

  4. Love it and I would buy it, much better than those ugly white ones that are posted around the net with the red stripes eww

  5. I can obtain iy anyone wants one!!!

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