Adebayor… Give him the ball and he will score

“Adebayor… Adebayor… Give him the ball and he will score.” How many times did we bellow out that song last season as the big Togolese striker terrorised defences up and down the country scoring goal after goal. We all thought that we had a found, if not a successor to Henry, then at least someone who will score twenty goals a season.

Then summer came along. How I hate summers, Adebayor disappeared and we heard was how AC Milan and Barcelona were going to offer us £30m for the striker. In all the furore, Adebayor remained silent, Wenger insisted he was going nowhere and the fans were not sure, accept £30m and buy another striker – David Villa or keep the hit man. Finally, Adebayor made a statement and proclaimed he was staying, and then his agent intervened and made Ade retract his statement. Arsenal offered him a new contract and he stayed, but was his mind fully focused on Arsenal or was thinking of the Nou Camp or the San Siro.

Arsenal fans did not forget or forgive Adebayor for the summer shenanigans and even now, every miss is greeted with jeers and demands that he pays back his salary increase.

Things have not been easy for our main striker this season. The goals have dried up, the misses are more glaring and costly, and there is a sense that he is not putting in the effort that he was last season. He has netted 8 times in the league this season in 19 starts, compared to 24 last season in 32 starts, however, we forget that six of those goals last season were against Derby County. Take those out of the equation and Adebayor is not far behind his strike rate of last season.

The goals have dried up primarily because we have not been creating chances. We have lost Rosicky, Hleb, and Flamini, plus in recent weeks Fabregas has been missing, Adebayor relies on chances being created, he will never be a Henry or a Wright and create chances out of nothing. Furthermore, Adebayor is a striker that needs two or three chances before he converts one, similar to Drogba a few seasons ago.

With the addition of Arshavin to the squad, hopefully the chances will increase and in Adebayor we have a striker who once he is on a roll will keep on scoring, Adebayor is a confidence striker and we need him to have confidence in his own ability. Adebayor can be the striker that will propel us forward to a successful second half of the season.

Come on Ade you can do it.

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  1. not sure he can do it 2bh. i hope i’m wrong but if the desire’s gone then i just dont see it

  2. Great article! I think Ade scores more goals away than home. Perhaps is the confidence he gets from the away fans! They chant every players name from the first to the final whistle. While at the ems is full of boos!!

    • northbanklegend

      Ade is the only player with tow chants, last season 60,000 sang his name every game, this year he needs to meet us half way and start

  3. we believe in you Ade… us proud, just lyk last season, just believe and be confident….
    all the support
    a die hard gooner

  4. Get rid of him….He is lazy and needs 20 chances to score 1 goal…I would rather have a 40 yr old Henry than Ade…He was kean to hold the club to ransom in the summer, because he had one good season – Whats happened ADE where is your right to make demands ??? One good season does not make a world class player as we are now seeing. We should have let him go and said ‘ Good Bye – Good Bye – Good Bye ‘

  5. he is not our best striker , eduardo is!. van persie and eduardo is our number 1 striker partnership

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