Eboue in Demand

It was rumoured that Atletico Madrid made an enquiry for Eboue during the transfer window. Arsenal were not interested, and have reportedly offered him a new contract, which thankfully he has yet to sign.

Stories are now emerging that both Inter Milan and Juventus are looking at offering our Ivorian talent a contract in the summer and signing him on a Bosman.

Following the signing of Arshavin, I did not things could get any better, but to realise that we might not be seeing Eboue in Arsenal shirt next season must increase our title chances. We have no need for him anymore; some might say we had no need for him ever! Never has an Arsenal player cheated or dived more than Eboue, never has an Arsenal player attracted more jeers from his own fans than Eboue. With the signing of Arshavin, the return to fitness of Rosicky and Walcott, we will have no need of lightening speed and trickery on the wing.

Eboue you have served your time at this club and we have suffered enough of your tantrums, your incompetence and laziness is just too much for us, pack your bags and head off to Italy.

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  1. Totally agree… Song can pack his stuff too..

  2. northbanknobody

    Now there’s am easy bandwagon to jump on. Not very intelligent and not very informative.

  3. Yup. Its sad but I agree with you both. With Nasri, Arshavin, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela, RVP, Wilshire…why would you ever play eboue..other than just for a joke if you were 30 points clear at the top of the league.

    I have yet to see Song do anything good other than some average passes to an advanced midfield/attack area. Think I’ve seen him defend well twice…not in two games…twice.

    • northbanklegend

      Song is a mystery that Wenger needs to solve. Last season he played as centre back and was ok. Wenger stated that Song is NOT a central midfielder, but he has played there this season. Song actually played very well against Liverpool, so there might be a glimer of hope somewhere for him

  4. How dull. I’m sure that is exactly what we need what with Walcott and Rosicky being super fit this season. dear oh dear

  5. I believe Eboue has still alot to offer. The jeers are out of a negative mindset from ths fans like you.

    • northbanklegend

      Eboue has nothing to offer, he isa joke and and a laughing stokc, and this is from 60,000 fans week in week out, see him in action see him live and you will understand

  6. Well I think his only problem are:-
    Timing of runs
    % of Crosses made to target.

    He how ever does the following really well:-
    Roll over and play dead
    Warm up!

    LOL he’s not that bad but i think he’d struggle to make any of the other top for clubs. That says it all. Good squad player nothing else. Ray parlour was better than this!

  7. This is rubbish! Ebuoe has served the club since his arrival. I remembered when he was playin a full right back wing.He was the best.It is quite provable that the changing of his wing my by Wenger marked the beginning of his woes. Do not blame Eboue, please blame Our coach for that.

  8. He was effective as rightback but did get caught out of position alot. Sagna is miles better. As a winger lol and he tries to wing it in midfield he hasn’t got a footballing brain is hesitant and one dimmensional… face it.. he suxs nowm more than my grandpa joe and he’s got no teeth. Sell him to the highest bidder and lets get someone with some balls and charachter.. Sings Eboue and ironey go together in perfect harmony LOL .. get rid m8 you know it makes sense!! He’s a muppet… 🙂

  9. i completly agree, we should get rid of eboue, song, almunia, wenger, ade (one season wonder) bentner,gallas

    just keep 11 players, theo, cesc thomas… any one else injured that we should keep.

    you lot are a f******* disgrace to the arsenal moto Victoria concordia crescit.

    i think we should get rid of our shit supporters who join arsenal for the glory…. u should have becomeb a manc

    • northbanklegend

      I stood on the terraces on a cold evenign when our attendances were 17,000! Glory hunter I ma not I have seen some dross over the years and Eboue is a complete joker, he doesn’t even try.

  10. so you booed glen helder, cygan, and ray parlour when he started off as pants.

    to say eboue doesnt try is rubbish…ur a twat, gosupport chelsea

    • northbanklegend

      Ray Parlour was neve booed he gaved 100%.
      Cygan was accident prone but nobody booed him
      Glen Helder had great pace but had no end product

  11. What do you know about support.. you go to all the live home games..? Eboue is not worth supporting.. he moans, screams like a girl when tackled… gives up way too easily… has no leadership or motivation skills and is living of his cross to Henry for his rare headed goal agaisnt Man Utd. Its not about not supporting its about supporting those that give everything for the club.

    Parlour was not gifted.. but he tried and ran for the team week in week out. He couldn’t should 1/50 on target but he gave everything for the Arsenal scored a cracking goal at wembley too. So listen, don’t come on here like some glorified football pundit when you know nothing. Eboue is poor, like i said before not 1 team in the new top 4 would bid for him unless on a bosman or free. If he turned his attitude into a real trier then i’d support him on till then he can F*** Off!

    Rem dude we all pay part of his wages and I’m entitiled to my say!

  12. Yeah even Francis Jeffers tried harder and he was hopeless. Can’t understand why people back Eboue so much when He doesn’t score… and offers little assist atm. his best position is right back… I’d say way back like still in the dressing room.

    I concede he is being played out of position but if u are a model pro you adapt and produce.. he ain’t producing.. drop him into the reserves.. or sell him simple as that!

  13. if your our home support then no wonder we have the worst home support.

    i’m a red member and went to all the red memeber games so ended up paying a bomb last season. now i go to the away games. thats where our real support is. they cheer eboue. your a typical example of why we have the worst home support. too busy booing to support the team.

    as for the parlour example i loved him in the end, but in his early days i was like you are to eboue. how wrong was i and i admit that. i look back and say how could i have loathe him so much when in the end he was a true arsenal player. i hope you dont live to regret your eboue bashing. my personal opinion is he will come good like parlour. as for the cheating and diving of eboue, that was mainly last season, and in europe they would call it cunning, not cheating (ask the italians) but eboue has toned that down cos of the stick one gets in england.

    eboue aint a right winger. he should only be playing there when we are leading and defending that lead. he was unlucky when sagna got bought in beacause at the time he was on form. he got moved to right wing cos he has that little bit more than a RB has as an attacker. imagine if ashley cole got moved to left wing, he cant shoot or cross. plays like a left version of eboue but he was lucky he was never pushed up to show his real weakness.

    fact is we dont have enough players. u moaned that we dont have enough yet u want a mass exodos of our club. eboue and sagna should both be fighting for the RB spot. it will make them both better, but cos of all the injuries eboue has had to start a lot in attack.

    we should back the team 100%. put away your grievances until after they no longer where the red and white. i’d even support you if you wore the red and white, and your a bit of a t**t really 🙂

    peace out goooooners !! am going arse shavin now ! wooooh !!

  14. Have any of you ever played football?

    Eboue has gone from being a right back to being a LM, DM and RM all in the one season.

    Eboue is a class right back, probably up there with the best. he hassles well, is fast and knows when to get forward and if his crossing could improve he would probably get more plaudits. he was part of our record defence in the Champions League and his attacks were a constant threat.

    I agree that he has struggled in the midfield and his attitude perhaps questionable, but you cannot deny he is a world class right back.

    One question.

    Would you rather have Gary Neville or Eboue as your right back?

  15. Why dont all gooners just shut the fuck up.. !!!

    Even the supoorters if 100 years ago… Just keep your shit to yourselves as well..

    You blame all the glory supporters yet u attack your own as if u OWN the club by right !!

    A not so intelligent article as commented by by dickwod northbanknobody..

    Take it as they come you fuckhead..dumbfuck !

    If u think your too intelligent then dont comment on the article ufuckwit !!!!!!!!!

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