The Collosus – Djourou

The season started with Gallas and Toure as our regular centre-backs. Senderos was dispatched to Milan to learn about defending and Wenger went out and bought Man Utd’s crock, Silvestre.  Arsenal’s other centre back, Djourou was considered to be the fourth option.


Djourou spent the early part of last season on loan at Birmingham, where in

all honesty he did not set the place alight.  He returned to cover for Toure who was at the African Nations Cup, but was injured in his first game back.


Djourou started the first game this season and performed well; in fact in the early part of the season in the games he played he was solid, good in the air and ensured we kept clean sheets.

A Pillar of Strength

A Pillar of Strength



The game that clinched Djourou’s position as our regular centre-back was the Chelsea game.  Wenger dropped Silvestre and said he wanted someone who was good in the air, athletic and fast. Despite scoring an own-goal, the young Swiss defender proved to Wenger that if he is looking for a centre-back then Djourou is his man.  He kept Anelka quiet for most of the game.


Djourou has gone from strength to strength proving to everyone that he is the tall, commanding centre back that we have crying out for.  Wenger has picked Djourou to partner both Gallas and Toure and he has been comfortable with either of the two “veterans”, not only that the defence appears to be more solid with him in the team.


Djourou deserves to play at the back, he gives us the solidity we crave for, next season he will be an ever present in our team.

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  1. Next season is looking very rosy for the arsenal indeed..very rosy…

    Regular team starts with players of the calibre of RVP,Nasri, Rosicky, Fabregas, Eduardo and the new Arshavin…add a little bit of Wallcott in there and it really sounds kinda nice doesnt it !….

    Cant wait……..

  2. I completely agree. It was a big game for us at the bridge, djourou scored own goal but he got up and put the OG behind him produce dominant perfomance. He is solid and full of confidence.

  3. he is honestly very outstanding in all the games he’s featured in…let give him more time!!!

  4. talking about confidence:arshavin was talking to sky sport in english that tells u that the lad is full of it,specially on the pitch when he is in the mood

  5. trouble is…people say its always looking good for us next season…it needs 2 start happening!! Dont get me wrong…i’m the biggest Wenger fan in the world and wouldnt trade him for any1. The guy is my 3rd idol after my mum and dad and is the only famous person I really idolise

  6. This is Arsene Wenger here. I would just like to say that this is the first article I have read of yours and it is gratifying to see that the fans do appreciate the young talent that we being through and that the fans such as John continue to show their undivided support towards the club. The main message I have to you is to please keep your trust and confidence in us and as supporters of this club you will not lose the credibility which you have had in the past few years. I say many thanks for your support again,

    best wishes,


  7. I’m getting tired of negative people. Next year will be very good and you who want instant success should sell your season ticket. I can sell it for you. People should understand we have a different model of development in our club so why would we abandon it to please a few numpties on here

    • northbanklegend

      chill -out, we are all frustrated, we all want success and havign waited 4 years since we won a trophy is not demanding instant success, it just asking for us to compete.

  8. Wenger done enough for us and also great to know he is very much committed to the club! Trophy or no trophies is in ARSENE I TRUST. COME ON YOU TRUE GOONERS!

  9. i really like johann. i really hope he gets given a first team place regardless of who is fit. he’s going to make plenty of mistakes, but it’s all part of the learning curve, what matters is he has the ability to go really far and we might have a world class player in him a few years from now. nobody can tell whether gallas or toure will still be here in the future, silvestre surely isn’t around for many more years. that leaves him as the only established player at cb who is here for the long haul. we might as well give him this experience as early as possible to speed up his development,. rather than letting the tohers play ahead of him and then when they leave he isn’t totally ready to take his place. it’s better if he is already considered totally first choice in my opinion and should virtually always play if fit, so long as he isn’t really tired or anything.

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