The Window is Closed – The Battle Continues

The transfer window has closed and we finally, eventually, somewhow got our man for £10m going up to £12m.  It was a real roller coaster of a day, one minute he was here, then he was due to catch a plane back to Russia, one report had Manchester City stepping in, then the deal was agreed, paperwork sent to the FA.  The Russians announce the deal is off, panic sets it, then Wenger tells us its a done deal and slowly details leak of the deal, a £70,000 a week contract, he will number 13, and the deal is to 2012.

Now we can look forward to the rest of the season, Asrhavin is one small green shoot of recovery, the other is the announcement that Walcott will be back within four weeks.  This is great news, Walcott has been an inspiration this season and was a vital player prior to his injury.

Before Walcott’s return we will see Eduardo, a player who is a sharpshooter extraordinaire.  Eduardo will surely put away some of the half chances that we are creating and his presence will add pressure on Adebayor for him to start to perform.

We should have been looking forward to an FA Cup replay against Cardiff, but the game was called off due to health and safety concerns of the surrounding areas, almost missed amongst the Arshavin saga.  The game will now go ahead on 16 February, the night we were due to play the next round of the FA Cup.

Now the build up begins to the big game on Sunday against the enemy, today our season starts in earnest and Sunday is the day that we will start to perform.

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