Arshavin Signs

The saga is over and Arshavin is an Arsenal player.

 Zenit have succumbed to the inevitable and agreed to his sale for £12m. Zenit touted the player all summer for £20m, a figure that tantalised Chelsea, Barcelona, and Spurs, but in the end a figure that was deemed too much for the Russian playmaker. In the winter window, there was only one taker- Arsenal. Arsenal played hardball and told Zenit here is our offer take it or leave it, with no other team showing an interest Zenit reluctantly agreed to the offer.

What will this do for Arsenal? Well it lays to bed the myth that we are financially hamstrung, it puts and end to Wenger’s trend of buying young players and trying to gel them together.

What will the Russian’s arrival do for our on-field performances? Well Arshavin is a creator, he will score goals, and he will add experience to a very young midfield. Arshavin will give Wenger the opportunity to rest the likes of Nasri and Walcott. He will be heavily involved with our Premiership games, as he is cup tied for the Champions League.

Arshavin will be the boost we all need fans and players.  We have been bereft of ideas in recent games and might be the player to start to unlock tight and stubbonr defences.  He will take the pressure off Nasri who is our only creator at the moment. 

Wenger was desperate for Arshavin, he knew he was the key to our season, as he stated in his pre-match interview on Friday.


“He’s a guy who can go past people in the final third,” said the manager. “He can have the key, individually and collectively.


“He is an experienced player, 27, a good age and we are a very young side. We will not have Fabregas in the next six to eight weeks; we will not have Walcott in the next five weeks, Rosicky in the next eight weeks.


“You can see with the replay of the FA Cup we have the desire to do well in every competition and one more body could help us.”

Let’s hope that Andrei’s arrival can lift some of the gloom and despondancy that has been hanging over the Emirates in recent months.



There has been some confusion as to whether or not we have concluded the deal, well the answer is yes, Arshavin is ours.

Wenger was quoted on Sky Sports News as saying: “We will make an announcement tonight. Yes, it will be a positive announcement. Yes, it will go through.”

Sources at Arsenal are saying he has signed a contract until 2012 and he will wear the number 13 shirt.

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  1. the deal has collapsed he is going back to russia

  2. What are we supposed to believe?Some sources say the deal has been called off as late as 17:30 and u are now saying he has signed. I feel like screaming and I am screaming……………!!! Someone help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

  3. Is this for real? Apparently the deal is dead in the water, while sites like this claim it is done! This is MAD, i dont know wat to believe!

  4. All other clubs have bought who they wanted to buy & sold who they wanted to sell with some negotiations just starting recently (deals confirmed, completed, signed sealed & delivered) what is wrong with Arsenal!

  5. peacefulwarrior

    The deal is off

  6. the deal is definately off so forget a top 4 finish boys n girls

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