A Transfer Policy to Save Our Club

This season has been the worse season in terms of performances in Arsene Wenger’s long reign.  There are two schools of thought.  “In Wenger we Trust” or “Wenger Out.”


Well there is an alternative solution to our problem, a problem whose source can be traced back to the season of the invincibles.  It was agreed, primarily fro financial reasons, that Arsenal need to focus on young up and coming players at the expense of purchasing experienced players. 


Over a short period this has led to players like Edu being released rather than offered a new contract, others like Pires were refused two-year contracts and moved elsewhere and have played at the top level for longer and two of our stars Henry and Vieira sold.


When we see the players brought in, they may given time become great players, but in the short term we are suffering with this new policy.  Players like Fabregas, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner would have developed better playing alongside the likes of Vieira, Edu, and Pires.


The policy of relying upon youth to prosper has clearly failed.  We are no longer a feared team.  Opponents know we cannot open them up, they sit back and soak up the pressure and hope to score from a rare foray.  We are struggling to qualify for the Champions League and this will have dire consequences.


If we maintain our current policy, then van Persie and Walcott will see no reason in wasting their time at Arsenal, instead they will either move in the summer or let the contracts run down.  Fabregas will have overtures from Real Madrid and Barcelona in the summer, and if we fail to show any change in our transfer policy he too will leave this summer.


Hill-Wood claims failure to qualify for the Champions League will not be financial Armageddon, well he is wrong.


We need to abandon our current transfer policy and splash the cash to save the club.  It will require a major overhaul of the squad.  The board will need to release at least £100m for Arsene to strengthen all positions and Wenger must be told in no uncertain terms that we need to change our policy and start to recruit the likes of Ribery, Podolski and Veloso.  We cannot accept the excuses from Wenger that the current squad is just 2% short, we are 50% short of challenging for the title.


If the board have made a financial mistake over the Highbury Square investment, well they can dig into their own pockets and finance the disaster.  They are not interested in the future of Arsenal, merely their own egos and their tax exile status. When Dein wanted external capital introduced to the club he was sacked, well now they can find the finances and release the £130m sitting in the bank for Wenger to buy new players.  

Unless the club and Wenger abandon the current disastrous transfer policy we will be a club playing in a massive stadium to row upon row of empty seats, but with plenty of money in the bank, if that is what the board wants it is not what the fans want.  

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  1. I dont know who the heck you are!!! do you think money grows on trees?? Its easier said than done. Chelsea’s gonna be bankrupt pretty soon and liverpool will probably be sold. what arsenal is doing is very brave, they are not giving into pressure and is like a prospering business. If we splash the cash we are gonna be in serious debt and the only reason we are under performing is due to the various injuries to our key players such as fabregas, walcott, rosicky, eduardo,…..and adebayour ill form. i think he needs to be sold and i agree with wenger, vela is not ready for a start in the pl he is not that strong and gets bullied a lot and might come to serious harm. I still dont know why we still play Bendtner. He is worse than a blind folded monkey

  2. Oh stop your jibberin abt what u think u know u twot !!!

    Everyones an expert when things go wrong arent they…

    Yes we have got financial worries and that ws due to our glorious emirates stadium .. This is actually fact and doesnt take an einstein to figure out..

    But all the politics abt what poeple think they know whats going on in the club should be just left alone..

    Have faith oh gooner faithfull….

    Why is everything all doom and gloom … We have suffered an unusual amount of injuries in the last 2 years of Wengers reign.

    We have players who will b e coming back before the end of this season and not only that.. These players will also be fit and ready for the following year..

    Rosicky, walcott, fabregas, eduardo will all be ready to play and the first 3 fit in perfectly in the middle of th pitch which is actually where we have been lacking this year.

    Oh and by the way ARSHAVIN will be on that list as well…

    If this is not enough to stir the hearts of the goone faithfull then i dont know what is..

    • northbanklegend

      watch your beloved arsenal from up close like i do, spent £1200 a season on tickets and you will see and feel the hurt

  3. You are partially right, it is right to manage the funds properly but it is also a wrong to field an all under 18 team. A few expereienced players must be present in the team otherwise they cannot challenge for silverware. Inspite of all the problems at Chelsea (mostly arising from managing wealth and success), they are still up there because they have mostly experience players. Same for ManU. Even Aston villa has a good pool of experience. Arsenal has the talent and potential but experience is important for immediate success. That is why there is the need to inject a few experienced players. Any team without at least one outstanding striker and midfielder is unlikely to go far. That is the problem with Arsenal. In as much as there is need for prudent management of funds, money must be spent if we want success, otherwise, Arsenal will become just any other club. The massive stadium will be half empty whenever they are playing. Now is the time.

  4. i dont think the youth policy has failed, its just a slow dvelopment. sure, manchester united had the “kids” team but they also had the older players within the team. and that is probably what arsenal is lacking at the moment.

    gallas and toure on paper are two great defenders and leaders, but the whole not seeing eye to eye has disruped arsenal’s push for a title fight this season. amongst other reasons of course.

    • northbanklegend

      the youth policy is not a failure but as you point out having experienced players alongside these boys will help them and that is where we have failed.

  5. Did someone put a gun to head mate when u paid 1200 pounds for a season ticket???

    U should count yourself lucky u can even afford the money to have a season ticket and the honour to see the arsenal live..

    But some of us are glory hunters arent we..especially after we have paid

  6. OF course, your right
    You know more about Arsenal’s financial position than HW does.
    We can just go around and pluck money of trees and spend them on Veloso, POdolski and Ribery.
    I mean were not 5 points behing big spending Chelsea, still in the FA CUp and CL, are we

    Last time I checked:

    a) we are one a 10 game unbeaten run without the likes of Fabregas, Rosicky, Eduardo and many players playing nowhere near their potential – Ade, Eboue, Diaby and perhaps Clichy and Sagna
    b) RvP has fulfilled all his potential
    c) We are still in all the major tournaments
    d) were 5 points behind Chelsea, who spent alot more
    money than us on their players.
    e) we still have a very good chance of finishing 4th and winning perhaps the FA Cup
    f) we have the best youth in the league. And last time I checked Vela had been setting English football on fire. Our team with an average age of 19 beat a full strength Wigan (who may play UEFA cup) 3-0 and completely dominated them, with Vela the star. This is not to mention Denilson, Diaby, Nasri and Song who are all very young and are expected to be as good as Pires, Viera, Edu, Ljundberg and Parlour every week.
    g) We may be signing Arshavin very shortly
    h) We still have Arsene Wenger

    Now that is just a small, hastily compiled lists of the positives of the season so far. It is very easy to be negative but maybe if supporters were a little more positive then the atmosphere at the Emiraes might be something to crow about.

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