Time to Call Time on Clichy

Gael Clichy, Clichy, is better than Ashley… or so goes the favourite song around the Emirates.  The truth is Clichy is not a patch on much hated Ashley Cole and any Arsenal fan that is honest will admit this too.


Cole had attacking thoughts all the time, he would link up with Pires and Henry, overlap and end up in the penalty area looking for the ball and scoring goals.  Clichy rarely enters the opponents penalty area, for him this unchartered territory, not only that he rarely overlaps his winger and all his crosses are not from the bye-line cutting back which are the hardest to defend, but invariably floated in from 22 yards, making them easier  fro defenders to clear and harder for strikers to score from.


In a defence capacity, Clichy can be a solid player, but lacks concentration for the full 90 minutes.  He will fall asleep and make a bad judgement for a second which will cost us a goal and points.  Last season, we saw this against Manchester City, he dithered over what to do with the ball, failed to react and City equalised, luckily we still went on to win the game.  A few weeks later, a momentary lapse against Birmingham City gave them a penalty and a share of the points.  This was the turning point in our season and eventually was a major reason in us losing the title.  This season the mistakes have been coming thick and fast, against Spurs, Manchester City, Middlesbrough and Hull City.  Each has cost us goals and points.


Arsenal fans have given this boy a two and half season honeymoon, because of their hatred of Cole.  It is time the Arsenal fans woke up and smelt the coffee, Clichy is average.  We will not win anything with him in the back four; he offers little going forward and is prone to mistakes at the back.  Wenger needs to invest in a proper left back in the summer and sell this imposter.

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  1. your an idiot, not a propper gooner

    • Some of us have seen more left backs at Arsenal than just Clichy. The mistakes this guy makes are not acceptable. Coel will never have made the errors this guy does.

  2. What a load of SH!T.

  3. is this the same clichy that was in the premier league team of the season last year and part of the team that almost won the title but ended up 4 points behind last season

    your a fake fan clichy is regarded one of the best left backs in the premier league if not the world but i do agree that he needs to improve his attack like you said and that he should have better concentration these canbe fixed and come with experience doesnt mean we sell him

  4. clichy is a better player, but his season so far has been very poor. last season he was better than cole, so i don’t think you go from being consistently better to suddenly worse so quickly. but the fact is he isn’t anywhere near his best right now.

    but cole didn’t exactly score goals for fun. he scored something like 8/130 matches. better than clichy, but hardly a major contribution considering that ratio. also at chelsea cole has been widelely criticised at least until recently for not getting forwards. part of clichy’s problem is that he never gets a rest. part of it is he is out of coinfidence. and part of it is he is a part of a team which is a poor defensive unit in general. when we have such a weak core teams find it relatively easy to put us under pressure and we don’t have someone like flamini helping fill the cracks. that leads to silly goals, that leads to a lack of confidence and the result is an exposed defense which doesn’t enjoy playing. i am not making excuses for clichy, he’s really not been good this year, but i think these are some significant factors. i would be fine with him being dropped right now so long as the replacement is ok defensively. i want him to come back at his best, because as they say form is temporary, class is permanent. clichy is class and that’s not going to change, but we need to get him fixed right now, because he looks like a different player than the one he has consistently been (very offensive, good defensively, and a quality player) ever since his first games at the club. this bad form really is true only of this season. you can;’t pick out odd gmes last season because whilst he had them, EVERY player has the odd nightmare moment, you can’t take those too seriously. and over the past few years until now he has had a really very small number of those.

    • Cole attacked more and scored vital goals for us, he also did not make mistakes like the title crushinh mistake of the penalty at Brimingham.
      In terms of left backs, Winterburn, Sansom, Cole and Sylvinho were all better than Clichy.

  5. I thought he was brilliant last season….but he hasn’t been the same this year and it’s about time he learnt how to get the ball in the box.

  6. What utter nonsense. Cole is a better defensive player than Clichy but definately not a better attacking player. Clichy has the energy to go right to the end, in some of our worse performances it has been clichy thrusting forward on one of his runs that has given us the drive we need. He is technically better than Cole and faster. I never saw cole pick up the ball and beat players like clichy does. Undoubtedly clichy makes mistakes, he needs to learn that his first priority is to defend safely. haven’t a clue what you were on about when you said cole scores goals, he got very little for Arsenal, he’s done f*ck all for chelsea and England too. You were right with some of what you said, but to call Clichy ‘average’ is just plain stupid. it seems some arsenal fans wont be happy until they’ve had a sniped at everyone.

  7. Why invest when we have Armand traore, and Gibbs is good too. Don’t think that great players are playing for other clubs we have a couple of our own. What do you guys thinks of Kyle Bartley he lloks a good centre back in a couple of years time.

    As for Clichy he is better than Cole, as a player and more importantly as a person! He does make a few mistakes but he will learn, so will Bendtner but Adebayor is a Fucking shit Lazy overpaid so and so and is begining to piss people off.

    PS Toure must stay if anyone goes I’d rather it be Gallas!

  8. I agree, Clichy is a liability and am sick of socalled AFC fans putting up with such mediocrity…Traore to come in 4 d error prone Clichy next season and while Im at it get rid of Adebayor, we need a class finisher n he aint n never will be one of those, cash him in while his over-rated stock is still high. And dont get me started on mediocrities like Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Daby, Denilson…sigh…

  9. From what I saw of Gibbs, he looked more confident and comfortable than Clichy, who has 2 seasons under his belt. To be honest Sagna hasn’t been as stellar as he was last season before his injury. It’s no wonder we’re out of the top four because our entire defense has lacked this season, we’re lucky to be so close to the top to be honest.

  10. clichy is a good player,he’s presently out of sort but i hate people comparing him with Evra.they ar diffrnt class.evra is neva his mate.the fa award judges were simply kidding, they dnt knw what they were doing by givin clichy d award

  11. what a load of utter bollocks. yes he hasnt had quite as good a season as last when he was in the fucking team of the year but the bottom line is he has amazing pace, great end product, is brave, committed, wonderful stamina, good as tackling and a wonderful team player. time idiots like u woke up and smelt the coffee that it pisses people off to see articles like this which are only written to get attention to your bollocks blog

  12. I seem to remember Clichy winning the ball at Birmingham last season and the ref royally fuc*ing up and wrongly awarding a penalty. The turning point was every player on the pitch being shook up by seeing Eduardo having his leg snapped and wild Bill throwing a tantrum and crying in the centre circle. Sagna and Clichy weren’t voted the best full backs in the league last season for nothing. Clichy’s having a blip like every other player has throughout their careers….

    • northbanklegend

      clichy fell asleep fro a fraction of second, he did not expect the ball to come to him, when it did he was slow to react, gave away a penalty and we nver recpvered.
      remember spurs this season, 4-2 up, clichy on the half way line gives the ball to Jenas because he hasn’t a clue what to do, then we drop 2 points.

  13. you are a muppet period!!

  14. you such an a******* for writing such ridiculous blog about clichy. yes he has made some mistakes which i believe will improve him in his game as he develops. you should be ashamed to call ur self an arsenal fan and write such ridiculous blog about ur player.

    • northbanklegend

      i watch the game from close hand not on some web stream, i have been watching left backs at arsenal longer than you have been alive so i base my article on facts not hysteria

  15. @northbanklegend

    “Coel will never have made the errors this guy does”

    I take it you didn’t see the England match aginst Kazakhstan in October. Until Clichy courts Chelsea in a hotel closet and gets greedy, he’ll always be better than Cole.

    • northbanklegend

      mistakes for Arsenal that cost us games, remember the goal Cole scored against Spartak Moscow to save ourr Champions Leauge campaign. Ignore the Cashley aspects of Cole, concentrate on the footballing aspects.

  16. OK…here’s the thing. You are forgetting something. Firstly, that your argument depends on the presence of Henry and Pires. Cole linked up with Henry and Pires. Great. Now who does Clichy have to link up with? Adebayor, who looks 10% of the player he was since his agent threatened he would leave without a huge pay rise, and er….So it is Nasri? In his first season, and not sure whether he plays on the left, or in his favoured free role in the middle? Cole played so well in a team with Pires, Dennis, Titi, Paddy…come on, try telling me that anyone is in the same class! I am the most fatihful Arsenal fan you can find, season ticket holder for years and years, but in my opinion Clichy is not the issue. How can you be so blind? It is like saying, “My car isn’t working…it doesn’t have an engine, but the steering is to blame”. Until we have more than Plan A with no contingency for important people being out for a year then we will not do better than get by. Rosicky as an attacking force is a more important player than anyone thinks to mention. Also a really good holding midfielder is the first line of defence before the back four and gets back to cover those situations where we look like we have a poor defence. Yes, ideally, you’d have a wall of steel at the back, but you need at least one of the central midfielders who can defend one minute and attack the next. until this balance is achieved a top four finish will be a total result.

    I defy anyone to disagtree with ANYTHING I have said!

    Thank you and goodnight.

  17. Gallas and toure are both too short/weak in the air to be centre backs. Clichy is error prone. Sagna is a good player but a bit small. I’d play gallas at left back where he was at his best for chelsea. Play toure at right back where his heading ability won’t be so important, but he’ll be able to get forewared more which is one of his strengths. Leave djourou in the centre as i believe he’s been playing well and getting increasingly better. And buy a good tall centre back to play along side him. Upson would do.

  18. SeanPatCOrk

    Your an idiot mate. I’m suprised you haven’t attacked Rvp aswell in that little rant.

    Oh wait, I forgot, its your god given right to see Arsenal win everything every season.

  19. clichy has been one of arsenals best players since 2005. leave him alone u knob.
    why are u bringing this up anyways, arsenal kept a clean sheet today, its quite ridiculous of took to blame our left-back for a lack of goals.
    ashley cole has been nothing since he left arsenal. also look at who he played with on the wing; pires and henry.
    clichy is widely regarded as one of the best left backs in the world and your arguments are invalid and void.

  20. What an idiot, are u sure u’re watching Clichy? What a rubbish write up

  21. Fantastic articla. Very rightly assessed Clichy. He is hardly 25% of Ashlay Cole. I rate a defender firstly for his defensive quality and in that he is extremely vulnerable. His mistakes are very costly. I think even Silvestre will be a better left back defensively. Adebayor, Eboue are horrible footballers. Diaby is definitely improving. His snatching is quite impressive.

  22. I tink its jst 4d fact dat he has played 2many games.he needs rest.now dt we v silvestre dts left footed,we v options.bt we really need smeone dt can push him.i guess with d xperience traore wil gt at pompey,he shld provide dt.bt i tink wenger should jst rest him and give silvestre a run.he has xperience,attack minded(dat i saw at his time in man u).and his pullouts are precise.al hail 2 arsenal.TILL I BREATH NO MORE,A GUNNER I REMAIN.

  23. i smell bullshit clichy is a great prospect and that is what arsenal are all about now days

  24. What a stupid blog! Clichy has been our most reliable defender for the last 2 seasons. The only reason he has lapses is cause he plays 50-60 games a year. The boy must be knackered. WHy turn on him in such a heartless manner? You sound like a yid.

  25. a bit over the top to say get rid of clichy but to be painfully honest Clichy can be a liability. His greatest asset seems to be his pace. I thinks Aw should give Kieran Gibbs a go i thought he was excellent against cardiff strong in the challenge and his distribution and crossing was better or at least equal to clichy.

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