Arsenal 0-0 West Ham

Another cold, dreary afternoon greeted the faithful to the Emirates.  This was a must win game to keep the pressure on the top four, but yet again our performance was below par.


Arsenal started brightly Nasri was buzzing around trying to create space, even Eboue started well, running at the opposition. However, as with all of our recent displays the cutting edge in the final third was missing. No longer are we the team of first touch football, of giving and going, no longer do our strikers look to create to space.  As the first half wore on, yet again we failed to provide the opposition’s goalkeeper with a shot to save.  This was really frustrating, but typical of our games against Bolton and Portsmouth, the main difference was that our inspiration, van Persie was wrapped up on the bench trying to keep warm.


West Ham almost took the lead in the first half when Clichy, having received the ball from Almunia, he turned and passed straight to a Hammer.  Clichy is prone to make a big mistake every game and today was a day when the young full-back fell asleep too often.


The second half started and we set up camp in the West Ham half.  West Ham were content to sit back and   soak up all of the pressure.  Bendtner toiled on the right to create things, whilst Vela jinked around on the other wing.  If this is a frustration with Arsenal is our inability to shoot unless we are ten yards from goal and only the goalkeeper to beat.


Time and time again when the fans were screaming for a cross the ball was invariably played back and across the field to the other wing, where we failed to cross yet again. When we do cross, Sagna will try to get to the bye-line, whilst Clichy has an aversion to getting over the opposition’s 18 yard line, so his crosses are easily cleared.


We managed to create to good chances in the second half both fell to Adebayor and both squandered. The first was a classic Arsenal attack, first touch football, players running into space and Sagan crossing for Adebayor who missed a glorious chance and he put the ball wide.  The second was a lofted cross from Vela, which lacked pace, though Adebayor’s header went straight to Green.


Even van Persie’s introduction failed to inspire us.  With Aston Villa dropping two points, the two points we dropped were priceless.


At the end the fans booed the team and rightly so, we pay good money and to have to put with this type of performance week after week is not acceptable.  We lack creativity, which makes the Arshavin signing even more crucial than ever.     

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  1. We are not good enough, it’s as simple as that….look at Munu, just grinded out a result against Everton.. We could have closed the gap with AstonVilla had we won today. Why did RVP not start, ADE is shit in front of goal, he can’t score to save his life the lanky fuck waste of space. AW is a shit head the deluded French fuck……he has lost the plot and costs us 3 points again at home. We need to get shut of AW, Ebou. Ade, Bentdner, Diaby ASAP otherwise we will end up to be a mid table team. AW should have bought in the transfer at the beginning of the season. It’s too fucking late now. To all of those who trust in AW…..fuck off….don’t keep going on about what he has done in the past. It’s the future that counts.

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