Where is Carlos Vela?

What has happened to Carlos Vela this season?


In pre-season, he looked sharp and had an eye for goal. Wenger constantly talked him up and the fans we licking their lips in anticipation of seeing the Mexican whiz kid play for Arsenal.


And we waited, and we waited and we are still waiting for him to be unleashed. This kid spent two years in Spain playing both Segunda and Primera Liga football; has played 14 times for his country, yet we are still waiting for him to be given the chance at Arsenal.


Vela has made eight substitute appearances in the league, invariably when are chasing the game either for an equaliser or for a late dramatic winner. His league appearances have invariably been playing out wide, a position that Wenger has stated is not his best position. Wenger has yet to trust the talents of the Mexican from the start in any competition other than the Carling Cup.


When has been given a chance, in the Carling Cup, he has scored goals.


We all know that Vela is young and still learning his trade, but how much can he learn by sitting on the bench every week, knowing he will come on when we are desperate? The first half of the season should go down as a wasted period in the football development of Vela.


It wouldn’t be so bad if our strikers were scoring for fun, but in some games they are not even moving or creating space, never mind scoring.  Vela should have been given more opportunities this season.


With the impending return to action of Eduardo, Vela will fall even further down the pecking order. The best option for Vela will be a loan spell at another Premier League club, say Newcastle United. He will be given many opportunities to play and will prove to us all exactly what he is capable of doing. He can then return next season with maybe a dozen league games under his belt and ready to seriously challenge for a regular first team spot..


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  1. There’s still lots of games to play and those in front of him may need a rest at some stage.

    • northbanklegend

      Eduardo and Walcott will be back soon, they will be ahead of him in the queue. Wenger has had chances to play him, but he did not.

  2. Is Wenger as good a manager as we are all led to believe? I doubt it very much as he has destroyed a few prospects in his time and have let a few more slip theough his fingers. The boy Palacios came for a trial and we sent him to Steve Bruce, now he’s gone to Spurs for £14m, he let Diarra go for £5m but he was sold later to Real for £20m, he has dithered in the transfer market. Kept Adebayor and look at him now!! Filling our reserves and youth teams with players he has no plan of ever using. what on earth is going on at the Arsenal?? Wake up guys and smell the coffee. Wenger has lost it and tries to cover it up with his many words. same old rubbish!! We couldn’t even score against Cardiff!! That was the pits.

  3. scott richardson

    In Wenger we trust, always, if you don’t like it then support another team because without him we’d still be in highbury not winning anything. Players like Tony adams would have retired sooner and Henry wouldn’t have come to the club. Open your eyes

    • northbanklegend

      In Wenger we trust is a mantra all too often recited by Arsenal fans, but lets be honest, when George Graham was maanger and we won the title twice (once only losing one game) plus other trophies, we could not imagine Arsenal without him. Sometimes manages go stale at clubs.

  4. i totally agree with the article. don’t tell me he’d be any worse than denilson or eboue on the wings. we’ve seen them both try and really fail to do anything especially good so far, can we not have a player who’s ideal for the role just given some chances? it’s insane. i bet if he had been playing the last 8 or so league games we have another 5 points right now.

  5. scott richardson

    I understand what your saying northbanklegend, but Wenger hasn’t just transformed the team, hes transformed the club into being able to battle it out with the top top teams in the world. That couldn’t have been done at Highbury. Financially we’re one of my most sound clubs in the world thanks to him, our future isn’t at risk due to the economic downfall, but then look at Chelsea, it’s affected them

    • northbanklegend

      If you look at my article “Where Has all the money gone?”, you will see that we have a massive loan repayment in April 2010, if the houising market does not improve, this will swallow up all of our cash.

  6. almost everything wenger does these days pisses me off.like not playing vela and player the worse arsenal player since senderos.his name is denilson absolutely shit.he plays him on the wing sometimes he shouldnt be in the fucking club.

    • There are now reports that Vela will go out on loan if we buy Arshavin, which I do not understand, Vela was not used in the early part of the season and we did not have Arshavin then!

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  8. Miguel Sanllorente

    I don’t like that Carlos Vela is playing at Arsenal he doesn’t even get palying time. Voz te hubeiras quedado en Espana. There going to kill your career Carlitos like they did to Nery Castillo. Well I am from Spain but I heard a rumor that the Mexican coach and the Mexican Federation want their players to play because otherwise they won’t play with the national team so their looking to see if another team wants to buy Carlitos so he can have more playing time. Come Carlitos to Spain to Real Madrid. Te esperamos con los brazos abiertos.

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