Zenit Agree to Sell!!

The long saga involving Arshavin, Zenit and Arsenal appears to coming to an end.  Zenit posted a notice on their own website confirming that a fee has been agreed,

“Negotiations between FC Zenit and Arsenal over the transfer of Andrei Arshavin continue. Both clubs have agreed on the figure that reflects the real market value of the player.

Currently the main obstacle for completing the deal became Arshavin’s personal requirements. The player and his agent request such wages, that the Arsenal management is not ready to offer. And at present time Arsenal can consider paying Arshavin these wages only at the expense of the transfer cost.

In his turn, Arshavin, who doesn’t intend to lower his demands on the conditions of his personal contract, is slowing down the negotiation process, thus putting the achieved agreement between the clubs at risk.

FC Zenit confirms its willingness to complete the deal. The club is continuing negotiations by offering one more alternative. It is possible to lower the transfer cost, if Arshavin pays compensation for canceling the 4-year agreement.

In 2006 he was paid a granted payment of €5 mln for signing the long term contract. If the player decides to annul the contract before the expiration date, he can pay back half of the granted payment (€2.5 mln) and this money will be included in the transfer cost.”

So now it appears that it is down to Arshavin’s wage demands, but as both he and his agent have made their intentions clear that Arsenal is their desired destination this should not be an insurmountabletask. Arsenal would not have entered talks with Zenit, without an indication that they can meet Arshavin’s personal demands.

The deal is expected to go through within the next 72 hours and he could make his debut in the North London derby.

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