Arshavin not a Gooner

As we head closer to Arsenal’s Monday deadline, there is no sign of the Russian joining Arsenal.  Znit are sticking to their guns and demanding £20m, Arsenal have offered £12m plus £3m.  We now have an impasse.

The player wants to join Arsenal, Arsenal want the player and Zenit want the transfer to go through.  The problem is money and now Zenit have said if Arsenal do not increase their offer today, the deal is off! This is a pre-emptive strike by a team that has already been given an ultimatum.

Zenit have tried to sell Arshavin for £20m in transfer windows, with no takers, maybe that should be an indication  to the Russians that nobody is prepared to pay this sum of money.

Arsenal will not be bullied by the Russians and Wenger will walk away from this Putinesque style of negotiations.  Arshavin would have been a good signing, but with the return to form of Bendtner, the return of Eduardo and Walcott just a few weeks from full fitness, Wenger might decide that the squad is good enough to clinch 4th place or higher in the league and to earn some silverware.

Either way Arsenal will be the winners, either with Arshavin at £12m or not being bullied by the Russians and entering a frantic auction for a player that is not a season-breaker.

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