Zenit Reject Arsenal’s £15M Bid?

Zenit radio has announced that Arsenal’s £15m offer from Arshavin has been rejected by the board of the club. This is the second meeting held by the Russian club to reach an agreement and it appears that certain hardline elements within the club are still holding out for £20m.  The story goes on to say that, negotiations are still on-going.


This story contradicts all news emerging from Zenit, how appeared earlier today to have accepted the deal. The Zenit Chief Executive Maxim Mitrofanov told a Russian newspaper that, “We get the impression that we are more interested in the deal taking place than Arsenal…In any case, a decision on the sale or non-sale of Arshavin will be taken on Friday or Saturday. However, for £12 million Arshavin will not be sold.”


One thing is for sure, Zenit will not hold Arsenal to ransom and if Arashavin is not an Arsenal player by Monday, then the offer will be withdrawn and we will look elsewhere.

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  1. please move arshavin for arsenal 15 million,

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