Arsenal Set Zenit a Deadline

Arsenal and Zenit are now eye to eye in a game of high stakes poker. Zenit are demanding a fee nearer to their summer valuation of Arshavin of £20m. The problem is that they did not have any takers in the summer when the market was buoyant and now there is only one team talking to them, Arsenal.
Arsenal are not prepared to offer more than £12m, they have a value set in their own minds and will not pay more than that value. The value of Arshavin is discounted by Arsenal as he is unable to participate in the Champions League and he will not play much this season. Furthermore, Arsenal expect Zenit to blink first and have set them a deadline of 26th January.
“The situation has not changed since Friday, which means Arsenal would like to pay only £12m, not one cent more. And we, at Zenit, are ready to discuss with them about maybe a better offer from our side. We are ready to make a step forward to them, but they should do the same,” said Maxim Mitrofanov, Zenit’s general director.
“However, I have told the people from Arsenal we are ready to discuss a lot of things to make the situation easier for them. They have a deadline, as I understand, until 26th January, because after that, they should have some time to get another player and I respect this position.”
The situation is further complicated for Zenit with the threat, a very real threat that Arshavin will buy out his contract in November of this year, leaving Zenit with very little compensation.

Arshavin will be a good signing for Arsenal, but it will not be the end of the world if we do not buy him. Wenger has indicated that we have other targets, in addition Nasri has recently started to come out of his shell and we should see both Eduardo and Walcott return within the next 2-3 weeks.

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