Bendtner too Early to Judge

Nicklas Bendtner is being written off as a player who will not make it. He has been at the end of a lot of stick from Arsenal fans and has been pilloried on many web-blogs and forums.


Part of this is that the team has been struggling, so invariably he is being sent on when we are chasing the game, which means everything is done at a frantic pace. Admittedly, Bendtner’s first touch has been terrible at times. However, we must not forget that he has just turned 21. There are not many 21 year olds who are expected to put in 8/10 performances week in week out in the Premiership.


Bendtner has never helped himself by claiming that he is the answer to all our problems and that he needs to be played every week. He is a young player who has built up a massive reputation on the back of one good loan spell at Birmingham City plus his own publicity.  


The Dane has not often had the opportunity to play in successive games for the first team; he has always performed knowing that Wenger will always consider Adebayor as his first choice. This means he is always playing under pressure.


We should not jettison the young Dane, this is only his second season in the first team squad, he started 17 games last season , whilst coming on in 23 games scoring 9 goals; his tally this season is 14 starts and 12 substitute appearances, scoring 8 goals.


The decision on Bendtner needs to be made after the 2009/10 season when he has been given sufficient games and when Wenger starts to trust him.

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