The Great Away Kit Swindle

In the summer of 2007, Arsenal launched in a blaze of glory their new away kit.  A shirt that grew on fans, a white top, and currant shorts in deference to the 1930s.  A roaring trade was made by the club at its club shops.


In the summer of 2008, it was a new away kit, a through back to the 1989 Anfield title winning kit.  Again thousand upon thousand were bought by the loyal supporters.  However, what of happened to the previous away kit?  Well that became our third kit, to be worn when we play teams that clash with both the other tops! 


Arsenal are sticking by the rule, they are changing their kit every two years, but in reality, it is every season.  To rub salt into the wounds to those who went out a paid £40 for a yellow top in August, the same tops are now available at half-price via the Arsenal shops.


We used to ridicule Manchester United for brining out two or three kits every season, but we are going down the same road.  The club are conning the fans into believing that the away kit will be kept for two seasons, when in practice it is one season.  Fans will sooner rather than later cotton on to this swindle, and start to shun the away kits.


Arsenal used to be a club that put its supporters first, but it appears that the sharks and spivs have taken over the Arsenal commercial department.  A new kit will be launched in the summer with all the usual fanfare, but the fans should boycott this as a protest at the way the club is treating its fans.

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