Arsahavin Transfer Saga Continues!

The world has gone mad, Manchester City offering Kaka £25million a year for 5 years and £100million transfer fee to AC Milan.  Tottenham are interested in Adriano, a player who has never fulfilled his potential since his great season at Parma, and Arshavin going on strike in an attempt to push through his transfer to Arsenal.


Arshavin has not joined Zenit on their tour of the Middle East and has stated he will be a Zenit player on paper only if he is not allowed to move to Arsenal. This was a similar ploy used by Wiltord before he joined us. Zenit know that he will buy out his contract and they will receive £5M. Arsenal and Zenit are playing a game of high stakes poker, Zenit will not receive more than £17 M from Arsenal for Arshavin, and they know it.  Zenit are trying to play up other potential suitors to make Arsenal increase their offer, but this will not work with Arsene, who will have two or three other targets lined up or as has happened in the past with Baptista will simply not sign anybody.


Wenger has laid the foundations of not signing anybody in saying that Nasri is a link player, someone who can create chances, a role no doubt that he has in mind for Arshavin if he joined. Wenger has also stated that we are not looking for defensive players, this is either a smokescreen or he is being serious. The latter will come as a shock to most Arsenal fans as Diaby failed to show any the qualities we all know he has in the last two games, whilst Denilson is lightweight. The Brazilian is not sure of his role, either a defensive midfielder, which he cannot accomplish or a creator, which he is not.


Meanwhile, in typical Arsenal fashion, we are still looking to the future.  Young promising, are not they all, Hungarian central defender Mathe Toth, is currently at Arsenal on trial with a view to securing a permanent deal.  Arsenal have dipped once more into the Brazilian market and secured the services of Mirasol defender Luis Conte, furthermore his teammate and striker Wellington is believed to have signed.  Both players play for the Mirrasol under 16 team, so it will be several years before they are seen in England or in an Arsenal shirt.  

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