Centre Backs Injured – Just What We Need

Arsenal have confirmed that both Mikael Silvestre and William Gallas will be out for around three weeks. Whilst some may look at this as a disaster, I for one think this is what the club needs.

The injury to Silvestre is the biggest blessing in disguise. When Fergie jettisons a player it is for a reason, and there has been no evidence this season to suggest that Silvestre is the answer to any of our answers. In fact as stated in my post “Silvestre the Weakest Link“, Silvestre’s appearances have coincided with some our worst defensive performances.  his absence will allow Djourou to cement his position as our number one centre back.

The injury to Gallas is unfortunate, as he he has performed well since he lost the armband, but this injury will mean that Toure will be given the next few weeks to mend his relationship with Arsenal.  A focused Toure is what we want, this man was a colossus during our invincible season and can be the same man again, he needs confidence, he needs to be loved and he needs to be wanted.    Unless Arsene brings in another centre-back, the injury to Gallas has out an end to any transfer of Toure to Manchester City, if anything it could well  be the leverage that we need to entice his brother Yaya Toure to the club.

Arsenal’s defence will be stronger by the end of January with these two giants at the heart of it.

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